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aaaagggghhhh how do I get back.......


Team FFF!!!
.....the willpower that i've lost:cry::break_diet:

I've not been bad bad this week but I have picked on small things that I shouldn't have this week :(

So went to WI tonight and lost half a pound, OK I thought i'll really get back in to it this week, I go with 2 friends though and we were all stressed out tonight so we stopped at the pub next door to WI, I went in saying I was just going to have a diet coke, I ended up having 4 slices of garlic bread and a third of a portion of chips:eek: while I was eating it I was saying to myself how bad it was etc but I still ate it:cry:

we're off out overnight tomorrow and I'm saying to myself that for dinner I will have a jacket potato etc and the next day we're away for the day still so if need be I'll have another jkt potato for lunch. I just worry now that my willpower has gone and I'll end up having a blowout instead:cry:

I'm half a pound off losing 2 and a half stone so I know I've done well but I feel like I'm losing grip of it :(

Am I abnormal do youo think:sigh::(
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Have a blowout tomorrow night. Plan a blowout and you won't stress about it but if you plan to be good and you crack you will feel like poo and eat more bad stuff as consolation/punishment. Plan to have a blowout tomorrow night and enjoy it, draw a line under it and get back on it on Friday. You have a whole week to compensate for whatever you do tomorrow night. Enjoy it x
Dont worry ive eaten like a horse yesterday....
And today ive only had a bowl of weetabix and wine(not at the same time) and a cheese roll because its 11.15pm and im not cocoking ...been so busy, had friends over...........bit tipsu,
Im going to bed now#

Love you all very muxh my little slimming buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruthy xx


Team FFF!!!
lmao @ Ruthy:party0016::giggle:

Thanks all, I'm going to enjoy myself tonight and get right back onti it from tomorrow :)
I'm going out tomorrow night for a meal for my brothers birthday - I'm not going to drink (because Id rather use my syns on food!) We're having a Chinese and I'm not going to beat myself up over it! - all suggestions of what'd be my best option to eat would be greatly received! Im thinking special fried rice or chicken chow mein maybes? xxx
They are where you borrow syns, for example- if you have 20 syns on a monday....you take the 5 from the tuesday so you only have between 5-10 on the tuesday and maybe wednesday.

This is the best way of describing it.
Ruthy xxx
God im sooooooooooo sorry just seen the other nites post and my spelling is a bloody joke! whoooooohahaha
Ruthy xxx


Team FFF!!!
well I left the diet at home and had a fantastic few days away, although I am worrying now about WI on wednesday:rolleyes: oh well.

we are back on track again now though so hopefully it won't be too bad:eek: :D
Good luck MrsB for your WI

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