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AAAHHHHHHH!!!! FUMING...............really long you don't have to read.

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:mad:Ok so am just going to rabbit on because I have to let it all out,
as I am so angry and really want to stuff my face and babysitting so cud do as no-one around to see it............
I started my own business last year as a Make-up Artist who is completely mobile as there was a real gap for this in the market here and it is my passion. I am in my second year of business and it has really picked up as the word gets around, I survive on word of mouth so a good impression is everything.
As I have been getting busier, my hubby and I decided I should email him to his work all my appointments so that he knows what is happening and what times I need him home for the kids etc.

Tonight I had a make-up for a young girls prom and nails for french manicure, I had explained that I would get to her around 5:30 5:45 as I must wait for my hubby to get home and he cycles so is normally just in the door around 5:30,
It came to 5:45 and hubby still not home, I was panicking I rang my client and explained I was still waiting for him to come home and I reassured her I hadn't forgotten.

Finally it came to 5:55 and I ran next door to the neighbours who we rarely see or talk to, and I had to beg her to just watch my boys as hubby is just round corner but I was massively late for an appointment, they agreed and were very nice about it but it was so awkward as we barely know each other really, enough to know they would be ok with my boys, luckily my little one was asleep and my oldest 8 was watching a dvd and was mesmerised. so they didn't even have to come in the house they just left their door open and I told my oldest the situation and if he needed anything to go next door, as I was driving out of the drive, hubby cycled in.

I got to the girl just gone 6:00 and managed to have her ready by 6:50, her limo coming at 7:10 and she had to be strapped into her dress.

On top of this I had promised to baby sit for my best friend who has been having a really rough time and they were going out with her inlaws as it was their anniversary.

I was supposed to be at theirs for 6:45 as they had a reservation at 7pm. I got to her at just 7pm, explained quickly set them on their way and then rang my hubby and exploded at him. I normally try to be calm and see what the reasons were but wait for this, he got held up at work, which never happens, sod's law I guess, and then he decided to cycle to the petrol place and pay our monthly bill, when I asked him why he did that asI had a job this evening he said well I didn't realise that, at which point I blew up all over again what was the bloody point of being so organised and mailing him my schedule if he wasn't going to bloody look at it.

Needless to say there was scilence followed by profuse apologies.

I love my husband dearly and I know it was not intentional as he is so considerate normally but man I haven't been this angry with him for a long time.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry this was so long, but I really needed to get all that out.

Thanks Minimins, if it wasn't for you I would have eaten my best friend out of house and home and ordered in he he
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S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
he he I have he he thanks hun


Positivity is the key
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the great thing is that you could have eaten and instead came on here and shared your ordeal. Much better for you- but then perhaps you were full after eating the head off your husband.:D
Hope the rest of the night goes ok and at least you have computer access so you can stay busy when the kids are in bed.
Take care


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I know how you feel. Although I don't work I can't really rely on my husband ever coming home when he's meant to as he is in the Army. We have even had to cancel holidays because the boss has decided to ban leave ... and then swanned off himself for 2 weeks holiday!!!


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<<<< a few dozen chill pills coming your way!! does you good to let it all out good for you, its a very tough job being a working mum.
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MEN!! That's all I have to say haha x:)
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks so much guys and sorry for taking up 1/2 hour of your time ready the ruddy thing x


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HaHa - nothing like a good rant girl!! xx


Here we go again!
I bet your hubby wont do that again in a hurry! LOL!

My hubby was the complete opposite yesterday, he met me from work with two bunches of beautiful roses! For nothing! Said he just wanted to treat me cos I'm doing so well. Love him to bits!


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Hi BMB hope u feelin better hun! Can I just ask - did you train to be a makeup artist and if so where? Any info you could give me would be fab. (pm me if you like) Its something I'd love to try, I love putting on makeup I find it relaxing however I can do my own makeup but not sure about anyone elses !!! But I am a complete product junkie and would love to have a go! I work in the beauty industry (albeit only in an events office) and I've thought about changing career a lot recently. Thanx Rachel x


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Hiya chick, Hope you have calmed down now! xx

And yeah.. its typical of men, think they are helping by paying bills but really they are making things worse lol!!!

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