AAM week coming up...


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And looking for a bit of help!

One of my books says two table spoons of veggies, and the other says two serving spoons.

Which one is right?

I would say two serving spoons is about 6 tablespoons, so am a bit confuzzled.

Also would two table spoons equal about two florets of broccoli?

Thanks :D
tablespoons and serving spoons are the same size i just went and looked at my posh dinner set i was bought when we got married (that never sees light of day) im on aam and i use two florets of broccoli, and class that as one spoonful,
yep.. same size in my books too.. perhaps you are comparing a desert spoon to a table spoon?
Hmm, it seems I am looking at the serving spoons, that to be fair, are more kitchen utensils, than part of a dinner set!

Thanks guys.
lol that'll be wishful thinking then! ;)
You'll do well, and i promise you won't be hungry even though the portions seem small. :D
Purple - Don't worry, I'm not worried about being hungry.

Am just REALLY REALLY excited to have something thats fresh, and not out of a packet lol :D

Not that I'm not loving it, but shakes do kind of get a bit 'samey' ;)
*laughs* Oh dear, seems I was thinking along the same lines as you - that serving spoons were those big utensil spoon things.

Ah well...I'm only on my 2nd week of sole source so at least I'll know the score when my AAM week arrives!