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aarrghh ive put on weight

hi guys
jus comeback from my 14th wi and im up 0.1lb!!! i cant believe it, ive PUT ON weight. ive stuck to LT 100%. i had sum coffee and fizzy non flavoured water but shudnt affect the diet shud it??. im gutted. any ideas? perhaps it was the scales lol. :mad:
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Aww Gem! Not a clue hun..TOTM? Have you reduced water intake? Could be water retention! Have you checked measurements? And 0.1lb is hardly anything so lets pretend youre the same:D xxxxx


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Argh! thats a horror story if ever I heard one... Is it the TOTM or anything? xxx
P.S Its not much of a gain, but anything + is a bit of a nightmare, I sypathise hunny xxx


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Hi Gemma,

If you have stuck to the diet then it must be down to hormone fluctuations which is very normal for woman.

And as we know the diet does upset the hormonal balance due to the rapid weight loss.

It is very common to have a week that you lose nothing and even show a small gain.

Typically on a week that the weight does not move is the very week the inches come down, I wonder is this true in your case as well:confused:

While it is understandably frustrating next week should more than compensate.

Love Mini xxx


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Lol great minds Toni!! xxx


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Hey Gemma have you had the vaccinations yet?? xxxxx


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Hi Gemma. Why don't you ring the LT helpline? Once I rang because I was feeling really weak and dizzy and they put me through to the person who does the voiceover on the DVD. (I recognised his voice) He seems to be the expert. That's what I would do anyway. You have had brilliant losses so far, but it must be disheartening, but there may be a simple reason. Were you in ketosis?

Good luck, I will be thinking of you, and will look out for your posts to see how you get on in the week xx


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Ive noticed that I havent lost much this week and im blaming totm,I said to the pharmacist and she said she had a girl start one week and when she went for WI the following week,she had gained 3lbs due to TOTM,she stuck to it 100% too so dont lose heart x


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Oh poor you! I dread that happening.

Be assured that when you stick 100% there's no way you can put on fat. It'll be water retention or just bodily weirdness. You will have burnt fat this week!
Ahh was going to say check if that could affect weight loss, really doubt it though xx
its so weird tho cuz ive had 2 totm on LT and it aint had any affect at all. i jus feel so disheartened especially as ive told the girls i work with bout my weight loss. ive been so disaplined but nowifeel as tho its all been for nothin.
Nooooo look at your weight loss hun, its amazing! You have had great losses, almost everybody has had or is going to have a bad week but you know very well that it will pick up next week...you have to be burning fat hun!! xxx
i thought that last wk. i NEVER thought that id actually put on weight. my chemist was baffled to wot caused it. realistically it shudnt happen & i had the agony of watchin all my fam eat at my uncles weddin & jus sat there eatin my flapjack. ppl say they admire me, but i cant help but feel as tho ive let them down.
Aww honey please dont, you have done nothing wrong! You havent cheated and have been totally dedicated! I admire you too hun you have just got on with this and not complained! Must be water retention Gem or hormones! Please dont worry you just watch next week you will be grinning again xxx
Ya didnt have your wallet in your pocket did you.;) Joking apart Gem Im sorry for ya that must be so frustrating, you have next week and you will lose good I reckon, chin up kidda xxxx:hug99:

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