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abbie's slimfast diary!

so i've finally started my slimfast diet, a week ago to be precise! i've not been too good at sticking to my calories of 1200 though so i've come here! Hopefully keeping a diary will motivate me to work harder to shift that extra podge.

I'm not technically classed as overweight but im at the higher end of the bmi and over the last 6 months have put on a stone so now i have 20lbs to lose.
Using a combination of slimfast/ultra slim to get me there.

First weigh in tomorrow, hopefully i've lost a few pounds!
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feeling really proud at the moment, couldnt sleep so went and did my workout which was the 30 day shred dvd, always makes me sweat. Have done it for 4 consecutive days and thankfully i found it much easier today and didnt have to stop so at least i know my fitness and asthma are doing better! day 1 i nearly died trying to do it lol weigh in tomorrow which i am really nervous about i've eaten so much today everyone ordered a takeaway and i had three slices of pizza amongst other baddies but oh well, going to really try and stick with my 1200 cals tomorrow and not eat out of boredom!
Hi Abbie, don't worry you'll lose that stone in no time! Keep a food diary of everything you have eaten and count the calories at the end of the day. That has worked wonders for me and have managed to stay within calorie target. xxx
Hi Abbie!! Welcome, sounds like you are doing great!! Stay positive and focused and let us know how you're getting on!! I also keep an online food diary which really helps, as once you run out of cals, you gotta stop eating until tomorrow!!
thanks guys! :) weigh in today was a bit disappointing, week 1 and i've lost 1lb! was expecting more than that but i did go crazy with pizza last night and didnt do slim fast at all yesterday :sigh:

oh well its week 2 and i will be losing lots of weight i hope! sticking to 1200 cals a day and exercising and will weigh in again on saturday, not quite a week later but it will help me see how i'm doing, hope everyone else is doing well :)
Well done on the loss, and good luck for this week xx
thanks redmel :) goodluck to everyone else trying to lose weight too, its a struggle but deffs worth it ! going to have a gander at my weight tomorrow and see whether or not i need to step up the exercise and diet
How did it go today...are things going in the right direction xxx
today did'nt go very well we had go to visit family and was constantly badgered to eat plus the food was amazing, also not been able to exercise so weigh in will be wednesday, hows everything goin with you redmel?
Awww don't beat yourself up, sounds like you had a nice day and we do need to try and live a relatively normal life xxx

Maybe if you are 100% good from now till wednesday you might get a nice surprise:)

I am doing ok thank you, I did struggle the first few days but seem to be feeling quite positive now, I have my first weigh-in in the morning!!
Hope your WI went well Mel! abski a pound off is great and a healthy loss!
thanks lightercl! been off the diet the past few weeks due to house being full of junk food so probs put that pound back on but oh well! been eating healthy today and im back on the slim fast 100% tomorrow. Not gonna weigh myself for a few weeks if i can help it because when i only lose a small amount i get discouraged
Good luck abski x
so i am back on the slim fast :) went and broke my toe a while back which hindered my weight loss but i'll be on the straight and narrow soon enough!

Christmas is the worst time to lose weight for me as i'm constantly surrounded by food and family always give me hundreds of boxes of chocolates so i'm not going to be very well behaved.

The plan is to slim fast it for the next five days, then friday i'm off slimfast and eating healthily but in the evening im out for a meal and i intend to eat whatever i want! saturday and sunday i'm obviously not going to be slim fasting it either, and i'll restart it either on the monday or tuesday after xmas. There will probably be a few blips due to new years but i'm not too worried, my main concern is that i don't put any weight on over xmas which i usually find really difficult! hope everyone else is doing well :D

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
I'm back on SF too :D
Broke my toe last week
Fill my face at Christmas :p

Good Luck with tomorrow Abbey!!! :bunnydance:

1 day at a time xx
thanks lass! well im wide awake so i thought i'd update my diary. Yesterday went okay:
b:ultra slim shake
s: fanta fruit twist, cheese
s:150g of raspberries
d:tuna pasta bake
s:cup a soup
so calories were 1328, not exactly been sticking to the two shakes a day thing so will try better the rest of the week.
Today i went over my calories by miles with alcohol, will try better the rest of the week.
today is going well so far, the trouble is i'm off from uni so i'm either at home all the time or out with friends, both which encourage me to eat! Craving a pizza hut tonight but i'm going to be good so i just had some olives and a can of diet coke as my snack. Gonna try to make a healthy pizza from scratch tonight hope it goes well!

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