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Abi's 23 day challenge!!


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howdy howdy. i'm starting cd tomorrow. i'm meeting my cdc for the first time tonight!! now 23 is an odd number for a challenge, but it's the first time i know of where i'm going to have to break sole source. well, the first time i want to. i'm chief bridesmaid in a month and in 24 days (23 from starting) it's the hen night and i want to have a fabulous time. and be thinner too, ha. so this is my challenge. i want to stay ss from the word go. for 23 days.

am sure my rather untouched ticker will be going up rather than down at my first weigh in tonight... my scales aren't the best. i can't wait to start shrinking!!

does anybody fancy joining me?

abz xx
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Ill join you hunny I have a wedding on the 9th of august - but any motivation is good motivation :)

I wish you all the best tonight and i've stuck to the ss plan for 12 days now no cheating so If i can anyone can.

Here's to a thinner you xx


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thanks guys. hi nikki. i am really excited, ha. i'm sure it will wear off fairly fast but so far so good and i haven't even started it yet :D

what are your favourite flavours of things? the soups in particular...

abz xx
My favs are choc/mint, choc/orange and choc. My favs soups are mushroom, and broccoli cheese but I would say it really is trial and error very much personal choice - I would say try a few and by week 2 you'll know which ones you like. Also a real good blender helps. If you any other support or anyone else my hotmail is:
[email protected]
Abz I'll join ya!

Lots of luck with your CDC later, and tomorrow if you get peckish and feel desperate give me a shout!

Day 1 for me personally isn't all that hard hunger wise, which is quite misleading! Days 2,3 and 4 are nasty :( but thats just me. You'll probably fly through the hunger barrier and be in ketosis before you know it x x x x x x


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i sure hope so, ha. have just got home and thought 'i don't know what to do with myself for two hours, and guess where i've ended up!! this place is too addictive!!

abz xx


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I'm with you hun, good luck
this place is too addictive!!

Hahahahahaha you don't need to tell me that! This place is awful if you need to get something done or go somewhere!

I'm always 'I'll just read one more thread' and I'm shocked that 30 threads later I have to be at *insert important place here* in 10 minutes and I don't even have my pants on!



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Ooohh can I join too? I've just done 12 days as well, so if I make the 23 that will be the longest I've stuck at SS with no cheating. :):)
Good luck everyone!:)


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righty ho. here i am, day one, first shake in a few minutes. already nigh on a litre of water down (i drink a LOT) and a coffee too. feeling gross after last night's fish and chips so don't think giving up eating will be too bad today, ha.

so how is everyone else feeling about the day ahead?

abz xx
Good luck Abz! If you aren't hungry don't have your shake till you are, that way when you're at the ravenous point you'll have something!

Of course this is what works for me and this diet is about trial and error!

I'm very nervous and suffering form really bad hayfever so a bit meh! Going to have a go on the treadmill in a sec as I darent venture outside while the pollen is at its highest!

Lots and lots and lots of luck coming your way petal ;)

x x x x x x


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thanks bex :D tasted fantastic. has made me feel nautious though. although that might be the fish and chips from last night...

abz xx

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