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Abi's sleepless diary :D - introducing isobel :D


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well, here i am, pregnant. i was expecting a little longer to save up but it only took us one month :S of course i am delighted about that, but our baby is going to arrive just after we manage to pay off our honeymoon so extra cash isn't going to be there... oops.

i have felt absolutely dire for months. i'm 13 + 2 today :) a little further on that my original dates say.

one thing... i keep hearing about this magical second trimester, when you stop feeling so tired, so sick, so achey etc... well all of mine is getting worse. i'm shattered, my sickness is getting worse, my boobs are killing me again... i'm really hoping the symptoms are going for a huge peak before giving up completely, ha.

can't wait to go and buy something for my baby now. haven't bought a thing. i wanted to wait until after my scan. my scan pic is in my albums. and now i'm working all hours and haven't managed to go anywhere to get anything!! so that's the plan for tomorrow morning. might pop to the white rose centre or something and get something teeny :) ha.

am also hoping that seeing our baby onscreen will give my OH a kick up the butt to get rid of all of his stuff. there's so much in such a small house. if we're going to fit a baby and the huge amount of stuff they come with into it as well. well he's going to have to make some sacrifices :D

so yes. hello. that's me :) looking forward to being able to talk about it all now. i've been bursting to blab for ages :D

abz xx
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Hi Abz!


Thats just fab! Welcome to the second trimester, it really is fantastic haha just takes a bit longer than they say to kick in i found!!

Wondered what was going on with you sneaking round here, so so excited for you!

Be careful buying the first thing cos it goes mental after that haha i cant go anywhere without buying something baby related, my friends and family have to rein me in hehe

Cant wait to hear more about your little bundle of joy!



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thanks lauren :)

i did poke about on here a wee bit before we tried and before i found out, ha. but it's irrisistable once you know :D

my best mate has had a boy and a girl and has all kinds of things to give me, so i won't have to buy much, of course, that doesn't mean that i won't!! ha.

i'm jumping on people as they come into work to tell them this morning :D

abz xx


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Awww it's fab to know that your pregnancy is going well even if you're feeling a bit naff right now.
Believe me, you'd be worrying if you weren't feeling sick and just felt normal. I've had that feeling normal feeling and I panicked so much but luckily baby is OK.
I wondered if you were actually pregnant as I'd seen someone with the identical name on another forum I'm on but it wasn't my place to pry so said nothing lol.
When is your 20 week scan then and are you going to find out what you're having or have a surprise? :D xxx


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hi guys. well i realised i started this and then haven't written in it, ha.

yeah, i figured you'd all know :)

well, my 20 week scan is on the 6th january and yes, i will be finding out what we're having. i am not a massive fan of yellow and want to be able to buy lots of fab things. saying that, i'm not a massive fan of blue or pink either.. ha.

i am still feeling naff, although the stretches of feeling ok are getting longer, even if the sudden lapses into nastiness are worse than ever. so i think i'm getting there. my tummy is getting more solid, but only on the left hand side, where i'm getting all my crampy pains, so i'm guessing that baby is nestled in over there. hopefully they'll shift over eventually or i'm going to have a very wonky pregnancy :S

abz xx


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well, i have cramps again. this little blighter is really going for broke!! ha. my symptoms seemed to be easing a few weeks ago but they are all back with a vengeance. my boobs hurt. i wake myself up in the middle of the night when i roll onto my front, i feel so sick, i'm so unbelievably tired. and to top it all off i really REALLY want a veggi delight sarnie from subway but as i'm the only IT support here i daren't really walk to the nearest subway because you can guarantee that something terrible would happen and it would take be about 15 minutes to get back...

so OH has said we can call in on the way home and get me one then if i still want one, ha. at least it's something with veg in it. i feel like i haven't had a nutrient in some time. things keep tasting like dog breath :( even tomatoes which i couldn't get enough of initially. tis poopy :(

abz xx


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Ha I'm the same with everything tasting crap :( I'd live on cereal now given the chance! I've been taking pregnacare multivits though so I know i'm still getting something. Hope it eases for you soon and enjoy your sub ;)


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pregnacare makes me sick :( so i had to give up taking them all the time. i was terrible at remembering my folic acid. so i'm really hoping everything is ok there. have stopped taking it now though.

am starting slimming world once i stop feeling so vile. put it this way. it will make me eat far more healthily than i otherwise would do, so i'm going to go for it. i dread putting on about five stones and having to undo all that, plus all the weight i already gained before getting preggers and now have to lose :( so that's the plan. we'll see how it goes. even if i end up the same weight as when i started it will be a good thing, ha.

abz xx


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Good luck with SW, I think all of us here have worries about our weight :( The vitamins made me sick too but now I take them last thing at night so I sleep through it lol
ha. good move. some of the chaps in the office are eating sandwiches and they smell divine!! but i have no dosh on my and don't want to go out in the rain to buy a sandwich. i am just so tired :( i can probably make it as far as the vending machine...
howdy :)

well this morning i can feel a vibration in my lower tummy. it feels like a little buzzer keeps going off. is it possible that it's my baby? i'm only 14 weeks though, so i wasn't expecting anything yet. but i can't work out what else it could be. whether i'm sitting or walking aorund i can feel these on off vibration feelings in my lower tummy. and it's not like anything i ever felt before.

so for those of you that know what it feels like... could it be?

abz xx
well from what people said on another forum i'm on it could have been, however i haven't felt it since, so either i was imagining it for an entire day, my insides spontaneously vibrate now, or it was a fluke :(

and i have just been sick at work. which was rather unpleasant. am going to try and have brekkie now. thankfully i'd only had a cuppa...

am really impatient to get to my next mw appointment now so i can hear the baby's heartbeat again, but it's over two weeks away :(
It does sound like it could be some sort of movement Abz. With my 1st I remember thinking it felt like bubbles in my tummy.

2 weeks will pass quickly and then you can hear the heartbeat again. Its rubbish your still feeling sick though. Thankfully I've not had any morning sickness, just the odd feeling of nausea.
i'm so jealous!! ha. although i didn't start actually being sick properly until later on, i'm sick more frequently these days, so it may catch you up... ha. sorry. not what you want to hear is it?

i hope two weeks pass fast because i'm starting to worry again, even though i know there's nothing to worry about, but i want to know that mini michaelis is doing ok : )
well, i'm obviously talking to myself in here :) ha. but never mind.

feeling much better today :D it's a friday, it's payday, and that's two good reasons for me to smile. i don't feel too bad, a few cramps but nothing major. i have, however, just eaten my chicken salad sandwich that i bought for lunch, for breakfast... so i'm going to have to find something to have for lunch now. perhaps my sultana bran that i was going to have this morning :S

i am frozen in the office this morning. i don't know whether it's just me but the place seems so cold. and usually it's boiling, so i don't know what's going on there...

abz xx
thanks kirsty :D dinner time? what's that? i seem to be eating constantly :) just had a ham salad sandwich at lunch :) guess i'm in a sarnie mood today :)

well the office is heating up but i'm still cold. i think it's going to take a hot bath later to warm me through to my bones but it's not as uncomfortable as it was :)

have been on the phone to the docs to ask about my swine flu jab. i've been thinking about it a lot but i'm going to get it. where my mum lives it has been rather active, and if i want to go and visit her either whilst pregnant or with a newborn (obviously after checking out how active it is) then i want to know that both myself and my baby are as protected against it as we can be. so 10.30 tomorrow morning i'm going to a special clinic they have on to get lots of people through as fast as they can. so lots of really short appointments and extra doctors. i'd heard nothing about it though.

abz xx
ha. at least it levels out :D

am currently having a diet coke to give me some kind of caffeine kick. since i don't really drink it any more i'm hoping it will send me through the ceiling as that's the only way i'm not going to fall asleep on my desk!! :D

abz xx

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lol at the constantly eating.. I was the same early on too! couldn't eat enough! lol High protein was the 'key' for me.
lol at the coke too.. baby will be bouncing along with you! I joked about Red Bull to DH the other day.. not for now but for during labour! lol I opted for Honey as had read that is good in labour.
ha. well i have a hankering for meat a lot of the time. and cheese, but unfortunately it's the damned carbs that stop me feeling so ill... still. i'm hoping that's all going to pass soon, ha.

is anyone on here opting for a water birth? have been doing some reading up and really like the idea. the only problem being that it might not be available when the time comes...

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