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  1. HopeBunny

    HopeBunny New Member

    Hello members,

    I am new to this forum and would really appreciate your suggestions.
    I have been on Cambridge diet for 2 months now. I am 5'1 and started the diet (SS) at 10 stones. I lost 1 stone in the first month (4 weeks) and anothe 4 pounds in week 5 and 6. I did the 810 plan in the 7th week as I was getting bored on SS. but it proved to be a disaster and i gained back 1 pound on 810.
    I am now back on SS and its my 4th day but I still not in ketosis. Is it because I am having the bars as one of the meal or because I did 810 last week. I am quite worried as to how long it will take me to get into ketosis.
    Also, how much shall i expect to loose in next 4 weeks?

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  3. Kes

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    was on Slim Fast but changed to Slimming world and Xenical
    im sorry, but i really dont know that much myself...
    i did ask a while ago if the bars would stop you from going into ketoisis, and some people said no....
    but there has to be a reason that they are not allowed in the first 2 weeks.
    maybe you are quite sensitive to carb in take, so maybe stop the bars until you get into ketosis, just to be sure.
  4. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Welcome to the site :) Remember whether or not you are in ketosis you are only having around 415 or so calories per day so you should be losing either way. Ketosis is more about making you feel positive.

    Some argue that ketosis is essential to burn off the fat, I have done diets in the past that are high in protein and levels of carbs just high enough to keep you out of ketosis and I have consistently lost 3lbs a week on that diet so I dont buy that argument

    In theory if you stick to SS, cambridge promise people they will lose 12 to 14 lbs per calendar month

    Best of luck with your losses over the next 4 weeks
  5. LincsBren

    LincsBren Silver Member

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    Cambridge SS from April
    Also bear in mind your weight! At your height, you were't very overweight to start with (BMI 26?) and by the end of your first month, having lost a stone, your BMI was already not just 'healthy', but well into the healthy range (23!) By the time you finished your 1 week of 810 you were only 8 stone 11lbs, with a BMI of 23, and shouldn't actually have been 'allowed' to re-start SS at that weight. If I were you I'd persevere with the 810 for at least a fortnight to give your body chance to adjust - you may put 1-2lbs on, but will then drop it again. How much more are you hoping to lose?
  6. HopeBunny

    HopeBunny New Member

    Thanks all for your suggestions and inputs.

    @ LincBren
    My Consultant always insists on SS as according to her that is the fastest way to loose weight. At 810 she gave me the option of continuing on 810 but then told me it will take me more than 2 months to get to 8 stones :( and I dont have any patience left to be on shakes for another 2 months or so :( :(

    My original target was 7stones 8lbs(BMI: 20). But I think I will stop at 8stones.

    I want to fit into a size 8 dress but my problem area is the tummy. I am able to get into a size 8 top, but size 8 jeans is still a long way to go :(

    Thanks again for all the support.

    Keep rocking and Good luck to all!

  7. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

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    For what it's worth, I think your Consultant has given you some terrible advice. LincsBren is right - you shouldn't be on SS with a BMI of 23. Your Consultant is 'breaking' Cambridge rules. The moment you hit a BMI of 25, you should have switched to 810. I'm hoping someone like KD might chime in here and explain exactly why, but I think I'm right in remembering it's because you're in danger of losing more lean muscle once you reach BMI 25. That's not good. :(

    It's actually very common for folks to gain a pound when doing 810 the first week. Your Consultant should know this (I'm quite concerned that she doesn't, to be honest). But 810 is still a pretty low calorie diet. The second week of 810 (so long as there's no cheating going on!) most people start losing weight again.

    Because you're already within the ideal BMI range, it will take a little while to lose those last few pounds, no matter what level of the plan you're on. The difference in rate of weight loss per week between SS and 810 is tiddly - maybe half a pound a week? Two months might sound like a long time, but it really isn't.
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  8. Goreygirl

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    Cambridge Diet
    Well said Lily

    This CDC is being very irresponsible IMHO. It's supposed to be a "fast weight loss" plan for people with severe weight issues that are putting their health at risk from Diabetes, Heart Attacks and Stroke. It's not supposed to be used for healthy BMI's.

    Your CD is playing with your health (? god know's what her motives are) and you should be concerned.

    Gg xx
  9. HopeBunny

    HopeBunny New Member

    Yes I understand what you all are saying and I should have given 810 another week. But good thing is, I am going to see another CDC coming Monday. Hopefully she will give me a better advice and plan.
    Will update you guys then!

    Thanks again

    Keep rocking and good luck to all!
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