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About to fall off the wagon......


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:cry:I'm craving toast and clover something chronic. I've tried drinking water, distracting myself, thinking about what I've given up to go on this diet and the toast is still calling me.

Weigh in no 3 on saturday so I know I can't have anything, i've stuck to this 100% so far and am now in tears cus I really want some toast.

I don't want to fail:cry:
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Hun We Have All Been There The Kitkats In My Fridge Are Calling Me Lol..have A Bath Paint Your Nails Read A Mag And Keep Telling Yourself You Can Do This Its Those Little Voices In Your Head Telling You To Give Up.tel Them You Control What Gos In Your Mouth Not Them 3 Weeks Is Fantastic Weldone Hun Xxx
Stick with it be strong. I brush my teeth or use some breath freshener to stop my cravings,

Also marigold vegetable bullion made as a drink is lovely and savoury and might fill you up a bit


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Hiya Loopy, thanks for you comments on my thread!

I know exactly how you feel on the toasty cravings but honestly, I've given into them in the past and because your not used to the wheat or the carbs (I'm not sure what it is/was) you tend to feel awful after eating them. It makes you feel bloaty and rubbish.

You can resist hun, you'll feel so so proud of yourself. big hugs, coz I know how it feels to want something so bad you want to cry, I've been there.


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ok, the short question to this problem is, is it really worth spoiling what you've done so far just for a slice of toast? You'll be angry at yourself afterwards, for what? 2 mins of indulgence, you'll probably knock yourself out of ketosis and end up with hunger pangs again, which is going to make it hard to get back on the wagon.

Sorry if I seem sharp, but those are the questions I ask myself when I'm getting to that point and it works for me.

I really hope you don't give in, please let us know how you got on


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Hi Loopy,

Hope you're OK and you didn't give in to the toast LOL

When I fall off the wagon, it's normally to toast and jam.

Louale x
Don't do it. Try and stay on the wagon if you can. It really is worth it in the end.

I have had a terrible time for the last couple of weeks and keep picking. I haven't been on the boards for ages because my heart isn't in it and yesterday I gave into my craving for chocolate and this morning I feel sick and bloated and uncomfortable :(

I can't sleep either which is why I am up at this stupid hour.

As others have said drink lots of water, paint your nails, have a bath, go to bed early. Do anything but don't give in to those cravings. :)
Did you have to mention toast ??? My main craving is toast with real butter, it is also my downfall when hubby buys a loaf from our local bakers ... the smell is to die for.

DON'T DO IT .... if you are on bars you could try cutting one up and eating little bits during the course of the day.


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Hope you managed to fight the demons. If not don't beat yourself up just get straight back on the wagon and brush that little devil off your shoulder.
Hi loopy, Pse dont worry if you did eat the toast. It really doesn't matter, just start again today. We all have cravings and now and again give into them. You will be fine if you forget it, move on and by tomorrow you will be feeling better.



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Thanks everybody, sorry to not have come back on sooner.

I stayed on the wagon and resisted the toast.

Feel alot more positive today.

I never thought it would be as hard as this!
glad you managed to resist :) well done

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