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About to have my first SS+ meal... =s


Slimming down the aisle
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I'm looking forward to it but nervous too! I'm pretty sure it's not going to set me off on eating anything and everything... I hope!! I've actually really enjoyed today thinking about what to have that's healthy and fits with the plan in the book and preparing it. Just cooking it now... here goes!! Anyone else on their add a meal week and finding that they're enjoying just the actual creativeness I guess of planning and cooking again?
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Im not on SS+ yet got another 6lbs to go but im looking forward to cooking again as I enjoy cooking anyway so ill be joining you soon hopefully and it'l be good to think of nice healthy things to cook :)


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I'm only on it for a week, my CDC recommends doing it every 5th week so I'm going to listen to her. To be honest I figured it might be good as the last few days especially I've found it really hard. And I really enjoyed my dinner! It was really tasty, I enjoyed things I didn't before, I appreciated it more, took my time eating it and really liked it! And at the end I feel full so I don't think I need to be eating anything more, no cheating I'm hoping that'll mean! But I'm not as full as I'd let myself get before, I stopped and left a few bites rather than going it's only a few last bites better finish.


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I'm on SS+, but I'm finding it really hard not to overeat the allowed foods! Two tablespoons of veg is so little, even my CDC said I could probably get away with a bag of salad rather than just that (there's virtually no calories in them). But I find myself trotting off to the fridge a lot, dipping a teaspoon into my cottage cheese! :eek: (I suppose that's better than doughnuts and pizza, but it's still naughty! :sigh:)

Now I'm eating my own real food again, resisting other food seems to be twice as hard. My trip round Tesco tonight was really difficult - all the different counters (especially the hot deli counter!) were so much more attractive than they were before! But I doggedly piled up my trolley with salad and veg and just got on with it - that's all you can do.

You're lucky being able to go back to SS - I've got to keep going up the steps! But this is future life-training, that's the only way to look at it, isn't it?

PS. My fave meal so far has been dry-fried diced chicken with courgettes and mushroom (with herbs and curry powder) - yum! :p

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