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About to join - a little advice

My husband and I are about to embark on out diets and I had a few questions that you might be able to help with as I am slightly nervous about it all...

I have chosen the cambridge diet, my mother suggested lighter life as she has lost 5 stone already but there is not one near me so opting for this, if I have a BMI of 32.5 would I start on the sole source?

Do any of you continue cooking for the family? My husband is going on a low cal diet and I do all the cooking - how do you find it cooking for people and being on this diet?

Does it really work?

One of the drawbacks I have noticed with my mum on her diet was a slight smell (I am sure she would love me saying that) is that normal? if it is are there any ways of reducing it?
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Loving the Cambridge Diet
Well done on choosing a great diet!

I don't cook for anyone so can't comment.

CD definitely works!

I have the manky mouth and death breath permanently!! I chew sugar-free gum endlessly. In the beginning I cleaned my teeth 6/7/8 times per day.

Good luck on your journey!


Ok from the top :)

Lighterlife and Cambridge are both the same diet at a technical weight loss level and are known as VLCD's.

At your BMI and with no other complications or contraindications then you can do sole source but Cambridge also has other programmes such as 790 which are very effective so chat this over with your CDC and see which best suits you and your lifestyle.

Yes I cooked for my family all the way through the diet, if you want to be slim you have to realise everyone else has a right not to have to do the diet and hence I just got on with it!

Does it work? Hell yeah!! You just got to stick to it

The "smell" you refer to is ketones being expelled in your breath and the best way to reduce this is cleaning your teeth, mouthwash and drinking enough water to wee it out instead of breath it out.

Check out my diary from when I did Cambridge, MyCambridgeLife, in my opinion Cambridge is the best thing that ever happened to me (apart from my wife and kids obviously!!)

i still cook for my family and find it ok but try to avoid cooking my fav meals i do the prep and hubby cooks them so im not too tempted .As to does it work yes yes yes is def the anwser almost lost 5 stone now.Try doing a prep 1or2 weeks where you cut down on carbs before you start it does help as the first couple of days are hard to get through while you get into ketotis .The smelly breath and nasty taste goes after a week or so but also i find the more water i drink the less this occurs but my wee smells very strong lol good luck enjoy your journey xxxx
Thank you all for the prompt response, and the encouraging answers.

I think that still cooking will be good for me as I cant give up food forever.. lol

I can't wait to start, I have a goal in my head of 4.5 stone which I think is achievable.

Thanks, I think this is going to be a great place for support!!
Hi Pumpkin! I cook for my family quite happily, I bake regularly and really enjoy it, even though I know I'm not going to eat any of it! Once you get into the diet it becomes a habit not to eat. I've lost over 3 stone so far and have had no problems (apart from the death breath lol) - if you stick at it it will work, and quickly!

Corinne x

hi and good luck. yes i cook for my family but the weight loss has been more important than eating the food :D. YES it does work i am nearly at goal now just 5lb to go. Stick to the diet and you will soon see the results. :party0011: You also get use to the bad breath lol. I explained to people who i was in close contact with no problems.