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Acai berry


was wondering if anyone has tried acai berry???:D
I have done lots of reading up about this and your meant to take one in the morning and one in the evening about an hour before dinner and breakfast.

The benefits are
clearer skin, healthier hair and metabolism boost which helps with weighloss.

I have just brought some off ebay as wa wondering if anyone has tried so they can tell me if they really noticed the difference??

many thanks x:massmoon:
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Not sure if you're talking about pills or the fruit, but like Starlight said: these stories are usually crap. And the berries taste RANK! Eurgh I hated them when I tried them!
Starlight said:
There was a Minimins member a few years ago lost about 9 stone on CD. Acai berry 'stole' her before and after photos, posted them on their site, made up a false name for her and a 'story' and accredited all her weight loss to their product :eek:
I've heard you talk about that before and still can't believe the cheek of them! What did she do about it?
oh my word thats terrible. how dare they take the credit for her hard work. id be livid x
ok thanks girls. didnt realise that side of it ive only heard the so called success stories.

Disgusting isnt it that they take some1 elses picture, i didnt think they could do that


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Sorry to be a dampner, but i dont think you should of brought them from ebay... they could be anything. Holland & Barrats or a store similar would of been the safest option. But nonetheless, have you got them yet and any updates on them?x
I did get some off Ebay along with some carbobind things I think they were! :sigh:
Anyway tried them whilst eating my normal diet ( before ww and it was still fairly low fat!) and they made no difference what so ever, its a shame as I really wanted them to work.
TBH you are best off on a sensible diet and taking good old fashioned vitamins etc... from somewhere like boots.

Good luck with the weight loss :)

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