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Do you lack the willpower to go it alone, so to speak, and therefore need a counsellor for your weigh-ins each week ? I've seen that Exante is quite a bit cheaper than CD, per month, but you dont get a counsillor to weigh you in, therefore you may cheat as you are only accountable to yourself, or maybe thats just me.

Your thoughts ?
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If Im honest, I think my will power is strong right now. Im on a gap year and quit my job so have no worries really. Also the fact that I have about 2 months left before going to uni, I want to lose as much weight as possible, just so I can make it more enjoyable and be more confident.

I am a little scared about maintaining it and will be taking scales so I can weigh in daily but I cant imagine being in the situation where I can binge eat excessivly. I usually binge alone as I usually am in at the weekends by myself, but with my new friends around and being away from the fact that I cant eat in secret anymore will help! Also I have been reading a few books on emotional eating and feel I have already made progress. However, I have asked my CDC and she said she will help me with menu plans if I want to implement them at uni!

My CDC is great but all the questions I ask her can be answered by the guys here, and all I get are the products from her. I dont even use her measurements for my weigh ins as I dont have a regular time with her so it can differ each week.


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im quite happy on my own... only met with my cdc twice. first time i ordered 3 weeks as she was going on hols, last time ordered 2 weeks as it suited me better and i think this time ive gonna order 3 weeks and just do it alone until my hols!


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I'm quite happy doing it on my own as at end of day if i cheat then i'm cheating myself, reason i came back to cambridge diet from exante was 1) prefer cd products 2) think cd has a better programme for maintenace as exante's is not great. my cdc does weigh me but only use him to get the products:D

If exante is the way you wanna go, lots of chemists and boots will weigh you in weekly, maybe look at that so that you have someone that you have to go and see:)


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I may try exante after 4 more weeks, but I'll see I'm, not sure quite yet
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The thing is, if you can find the willpower to stick to such an extreme diet as a vlcd on your own without motivation, then surely you can find the willpower to stick to a calorie controlled diet, infact probably easier as you will be eating normal food??? I did cambridge and lost the first two stone over about two months, but missed food so much and started cheating, then I decided that I would give up cambridge and start exercising and eating and have lost a further 4 stone so its working. I think some people dont give themselves enough credit to be able to stick to a normal food diet.


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i must be with a very cheap cdc.... exante is what £2.39 a shake.... and i pay £1.80 a shake with my cdc.....
I'm lucky, I have a great arrangement with my CDC, she gives me my products in exchange for beauty treatments (I'm a beauty therapist)
Maybe you guys could negotiate with something :)
My pal chose CD because, she says, she needs some kind of supervision, some kind of regular weigh-in, or she cheats all the time. She has tried tons of the home-diet systems and failed dismally. Also SW where she hated the very slow losses.

She could not afford LL so tried CD and in five weeks, on 810 - 1000 (some days lol), she has lost one stone four pounds. She swears it is the weekly supervision and friendly support of her Consultant that is making the difference!

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