achievement with clothes!


well done you there is not a feeling as good as it!!!

keep up the good work girl

Gen xx

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Wahay pick something else out of your wardrobe thats a little tight and by the end of the week it should fit too.

You will soon be shopping in your own wardrobe.


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Great result! I have a pair of trousers that wouldnt go over my thighs three weeks ago, now I can get them over my belly but can't do them up! I love trying them on, and do each day lol


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Isnt it such a great feeling! I have some size 16 jeans from new look I bought about 2 yrs ago, I never really fitted into them, they still look brand new, I tried them yesterday and I could do them up, they are not a perfect fit as I bulge a bit but I know they will be soon, I try them every week too, when i first started CD they wouldnt really go past my bum!
I wont wear them untill they are a comfortable fit and I know that day is not so far off now!