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Actifry- how do you use yours?!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi troops, I have bitten the bullet and invested in an Actifry! I've been meaning to do it for a while and I saw it for £107 which is the lowest price I've seen it so far- Argos, Amazon, Dixons and Currys are all doing it at £107 at the moment!

Anyway, I digress:- Just wondering what people use theirs for other than chips! I've heard that stirfried veg are good! Does anyone have any favourites or any tips to share?

Mine should arrive in the post tomorrow! I'm very excited and it will also end the feud I've been having with dh for years because I've banned him from having a deep fat fryer for several reasons; the unhealthy aspect, the mess/ layer of grease that covers the contents of the kitchen and the smell!
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Ooooft, there are so many posts on here regarding the Actifry, you should do a search, it will take you forever to go through it all lol.

Personally I love doing low syn sausages in mine, no messing about turning them all the time and they come out perfect :)
Yes - Alcoholiday and I must sound like we co-own Tefal lol. I have successfully cooked bacon and sausage (remove the paddle - no oil needed) parsnips, potatoes, carrots, swede/turnip are fantastic.

Chicken is great (cut into smaller pieces) raw prawns, scallops etc. breaded scampi. You can even cook a chilli from scratch.

Fishy bites, chicken nuggets, fish fingers can all be cooked - along with frozen chips (if you really must) - all of them WITHOUT oil.

People think it is an expensive chip or potato maker - which it is - but it can do a whole lot more. It just excels at chips and roasties lol.

I tried SW-style chips and SW-style roast potatoes. Compared to the Actifry they simply cannot compare or compete!

As I've mentioned many times though, Tefal's customer service is lacking and please extend your warranty if possible as many people have reported failure shortly after the first year.

Great to have a kitchen gadget which is easy to clean and gets used on a very regular basis!

Finally, if you can, I would always recommend you use extra version olive oil to cook with - 1spoonful is a HEXB, half a spoonful is approx 3syns. Yes you can use the spraylight too but I prefer extra virgin olive oil.

My other top tip is Maris Piper potatoes and always thorough clean, rinse of all starch and dry really thoroughly for extra crunch.

Amazon were briefly doing them for £99.99 a week ago as friends of mine got one.
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Still £18 less than I paid:D

Hopefully you'll agree that they are worth the price.

Technically they are not, but if it means having something you might otherwise deprive yourself of, then to me that's a bargain!

As I said previously, if I could have enjoyed the SW-style chips I might have, but too many people had too many methods and the comparison between SW-style and Actifry style is sufficient to keep me happy.

Maybe I'm easy pleased:eek:


Never gets tired of SW!
Well the Actifry has arrived and we tried some chips in it tonight!! They were really delicious!! I have also made tomorrow's meal to take to work with me! I threw in some frozen Asda 'meat-free' meatballs (0.5 syns for 1/4 of the bag- 100g) and some prepacked stirfry veg! Cooked beautifully in less than 10 mins. I have added them to some spaghetti and stirred through a tablespoon of pesto. Yummy meal in minutes!X


A happy downward spiral
Well I stuck to the rules.

Maris Piper potatoes.
1 spoon of Extra Virgin.
45 Minutes.

Thanks Funcurls - headed to argos today and now the proud owner of an actifry. Chips were gorgeous, but the best bit was the washing up afterwards, or should I say the lack of!!!
Cheers Missus x


Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks Funcurls - headed to argos today and now the proud owner of an actifry. Chips were gorgeous, but the best bit was the washing up afterwards, or should I say the lack of!!!
Cheers Missus x
Hehe glad you were inspired!! They're great aren't they!! I plan to get creative with mine! And isn't it easy to clean?!!X
To think you guys, you haven't even scratched the surface yet, and to be honest, not even got the hang of cooking or even the best way yet!

Now then, I order you to peel and cut into halves, (or quarters - depending on size) the same Maris Piper spuds & oil combo etc. for delicious healthy roasties.

Sprinkle finished roasties with an oxo cube.

Hopefully they'll be "decent" :p

Add parsnip, carrot and swede just for the hell of it:cool:


Never gets tired of SW!
I have discovered that the Actifry cooks Quorn sausages perfectly! I love them but have always had problems frylighting them in a pan- they never brown evenly and often catch the pan and I have to keep applying more Frylight! Not anymore! In the Actifry they brown really evenly and don't dry out at all if you catch them just as they are golden brown! X
Ok so I have also just been & bought one!!! Is it sad that I am a little excited?!?!?!? lol
Welcome to Sadsville;)

I'm almost embarrassed to admit but I removed the paddle and did sausage and bacon - throwing a few mushrooms in for the last few minutes (no oil reguired at all).

Has anyone tried a fried egg in there yet? - obviously without the paddle! - it is a non-stick pan and like a hot plate.
Haha well I am loving the chips!! lol

I did attempt some roasted carrot battons, they didn't work so ended up in the bin :(

Oh well live & learn & just gives me more reasons to try things in there today.

We are even having a green day today instead of our usual Sunday roast, i'll be making things in my actifry instead :D

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