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i have been messaging all day.... tbh when i joined i was suprised there was so many people on the site. i didnt think so many people would want to chat bout it. but im glad ya all do. never seen a forum with so much enthusiasm :p


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I always find somthing to read and add to on here its a busy lil place! ... I spend alot of my time reading other peoples diarys and replying to them! and also reading through some of the other parts of the forum! ..
and course its well known look at how many people use it!
I think on WW a lot of us update our diaries.

I have to admit I hate seeing millions of new pointless threads being started, there are some people (not on WW) who seem to start a new thread every half hour.

If you look at the WW forum stats, we have have the same no of threads as the SW one but we have 18000 more posts so it seems our threads are longer and maybe more detailed as we have more replies to them.

I think the whole WW forum (and SW too I must add) has a really friendly feel to it, due I think to the fact we do all stick with things and reply regularly to each others diaries and problems :)
there doesnt seem to be many ppl actually starting new threads ect am i looking in the wrong place or is this site not very well known...no one seems to message back much either.....:cry:
Check people's diaries! I have replies to mine every day and diaries seem to be where most people keep contact! I have to admit I am with Sandy, I don't bother reading a lot of pointless threads and only start a new thread when I urgently need to know the answer to a points question...then I ruthlessly let the thread die!;)
People on this site are always on and always willing to help and support which is great...x


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Many of us update our daily diarys as you may well no,we have replied to you many times no reply,there is many of us on here that give people the support they need,but think some take offence on comments like you have not lost much in a year! Some things people say can be hurtful to others!


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I spend hours on here just looking through the new posts. I look at ALL forums though, not just the SW one. If something interests me I will join in the thread and if it doesn't then I wont. I also get tired of seeing the same thing started in a different thread over and over again


nearly there!! :)
i perfer flicking through everything, if something takes my fancy ill comment if not i wont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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