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stick with the 2nd plan in the CD book so just chicken, turkey, white fish, cottage cheese and one portion of green veg :) think protien and veg NOT carbs
good luck im sure you will be fine
I have only chicken, cos i dont like fish etc, but if you like the list that Bridie added, then i am sure you can come up with meals.

I generally have chicken with green veg or green salad, i guess abit boring, but i can have flavourings on the chicken, instead of 125g if i go for chicken tikka style i have only 100g. A nice change!


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Avoid pastas, nuts, and sauces. A big mistake I see people make is that they will eat a nice, healthy salad with some baked (not fried) chicken on the top, and ruin it completely by saturating it with dressing.

Keep in mind the choice - you can have 1 extra cup of caesar dressing on your salad OR half of a glazed donut for the same value. Or you can skip it alltogether and drizzle a little bit of lemon and some pepper over the top with the tiniest bit of an olive oil.

Also, when thinking about fruits, look at the sugar value. Bananas are better than grapes, etc. Apples are great, too.


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When you AAM, do you get the quanties of food you can have from the SS + bit of the book or the 810?
so if i just eat chicken/fish and salad for the week which i can do cause i love em both, then ill be ok? will i put weight on and sts, or will i loose any?


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hun you should keep loosing if you stick to the amounts shown in the book, either ss+ or 810kcal plan as your kcal intake is still really low. some people use these plans all the time and still have fab losses.
ummm on ss+ you will but on 810 programme its less likely. just depends on which programme you use

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