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Addicted To Bits Of Chicken - Help!!

Hey all,

My weight loss has been great so far - I have lost 15lb's in three weeks. But I got my period last Thursday and I am spotty, moody and keep picking at bits of chicken every now and again.

I haven't come out of ketosis, but I am worried about extra calorie intake as I really wanna get my my weight off ASAP and I know I can comforably do soul source, but I just keep craving chicken!!!! I think it's the chewing?? Has anybody else had this problem?

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I am craving it but I have got round it by not going anywhere near anywhere that sells it. Why not chuck the chicken that you have got away so you wont be tempted to eat it?


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I had this on time of the month week - and just had to eat chicken/quorn when I wanted. Ok it effected my loss by about 1lb but the next week I would be fine and not need it. It is a journey not a race don't be too hard on yourself you have done great so far getting rid of 13lbs - at least it is chicken rather than anything else, see how you feel next week. Make a fresh start and ditch the chicken. How about replacing it with some coffee/tea or a bar that you can chop up into pieces and have throughout the day?
I agree with Chika, why dont you try throwing it away and just staying away from it for a while. This is what i did during my first few weeks of CD. I was craving take away so bad :( that i could not be in the same room as it.

I dont think the extra chicken will affect your weightloss too much :rolleyes: because its protein and it shouldn't kick you out of ketosis. But if you find it really difficult to stop picking at it you could try doing a little extra exercise, like walkin further or doing more housework or alittle bit of dancing :) here and there. It might help use up the extra cals you might be getting from the chicken.

I had chicken on my last day of week 4, just a day before i started AAM week. But i had to have it because my CDC did not give me enough sachets for the week :( and i would have had no intake that day. So i had about 3-6 lil bits of steamed chicken throughout the day. It was ok until about 7pm. From then i started to get very very very bad acid reflux :(. OMG was it painful. It made me start crying :cry:and kept me up all night :cry: :cry:. So never am i doing that again. But the point i was trying to get across was that be careful that your little chicken nibbles dont cause you to get acid reflux because it is very painful and because you cant take anything for it, it take a very long time to go away :(. But everybody is different and you may not suffer with this problem :).

All the best xx :princess:
Thanks - U lot R Great!

Hi all,

Thanks for the advice - I am just taking each day as it comes - and now I tell myself that at least meycravings only stretch to a few bits of chicken and lettuce rather than a McDonalds Quarter POunder and large fries!!!!

BunnyCD - YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!! I can't beleive how much weight you have lost!!:D I saw your pics yesterday! Did you soul source all the time or did you have AAM? And did you ever find yourself picking very much apart from period week?? I hope I lose that much in such a short space of time!!
LOL Maybe Baby

:party0048::party0049: - Love the dancing idea!!! Your weight loss has been amazing too!! I hope I do as well as all of you!!

By the ay Chika - I read your thread about your horrid friend the other day not wanting you to steal her thunder - BIN HER OFF - You look FAB girl and you would steal her thunder whether you were 20 stone or 10 stone cos you are a much nicer person and that counts for more than being skinny xxxxxx

HUGGS ALL OF YA xxxx :hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99:


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............ It is a journey not a race.......
I like that bit ~ think I'll stick that little gem up as a quote on my fridge. I stress sometimes if I've had maybe a scoop too much of mix a mousse, maybe having two mousses in a day, or by having a mousse and jelly ~ get a bit too focused in on the 'quick' loss mentality forgetting sometimes that I'm easily losing more on SS than I have on any diet in the past :)

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