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adding salt



weighs a lot less
salt is a big no no it will knock you out of ketosis ,have you had extra water ,you need more when you have been the gym xx
hmm i dont want to drink more, i think im suffering from salt loss. how will salt knock me out of ketosis?


weighs a lot less
not sure how exactly but you arent allowed it hun so be careful ,youve done the hard bit now and its not long until your weigh in it would be a shame to spoil it ,you could always ring LT they are really helpful and reassuring xx
My pharmacist told me I could add freshly ground pepper to the soup but there was no mention of salt so there must be a reason hun, best to avoid it just incase x
ok then, i was just worried about sweating out too much salt and becoming salt depleted. ill see how i go without.


weighs a lot less
all the shakes are balanced and have everything you need to survive,just take it easy at the gym hun,god dont i nag ,just concernedxxx


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Salt will make you retain water on this diet.

Obviously you are more of a professional when it comes to exercise than any of us here on this forum and while we are aware that moderate exercise is encouraged, it is advised if you have not exercised before or in a long time to see your doctor before starting and then it is recommended to work your way into doing exercise very gently... as far as I am aware excessive exercise on a TFR is not recommended due to the low calorie intake.

Therefore you would be best advised to ask your Pharmacist or contact Lipotrim about your exercise programme to be on the safe side and also about adding salt to the diet as in most cases this would be a negative, but yours may well be the exception.

Please let us know how you get on.

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ok i will cut back slightly on exercise till friday and then ask the pharmacist. thanks for all the input everyone.

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