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AdsNan's Diary - really disappointed


Wants to be slim at 60
Started again last Monday, weighed in at 169lbs and determined to reach my goal of 133lbs this time. I've done it before so there is no reason I can't do it again.
I lost heart while doing it last time in January but I am going to be more determined this time. I am usually okay at the start but last time I got to the stage of only losing 1lb and sometimes none very early on in the diet and it disheartened me. I can only hope that it doesn't happen this time :( I will update my weight each Monday, keeping my fingers crossed!
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Is so very nearly there!
Come on girl you can do it!


Wants to be slim at 60
Come on girl you can do it!
I've done it before so I should be able to do it again. The support on here I think will make all the difference, reading about other people on the same journey, spurs you on.
Even though I've not been doing the plan for a while Claire I have been following your progress and 'Well done you' :)


Wants to be slim at 60
I'm back and determined to get there this time -1st week update

Well I've weighed myself today and I have lost 5lbs!! Very pleased but I am well aware it won't be the same next week, if I get 2lbs I will be happy. Hope it doesn't just go to 1lb each week from now on :)


I will succeed!!!
Hiya -

Good luck! Keep us posted. We have the same goal weight and very similar start weight so I'll be keeping an eye on you and asking for tips ;-)

Have a good week xxx


Wants to be slim at 60
Well I need to weigh in again tomorrow, I am not hopefull as I said in another thread, I was pleased that by Thursday jsut gone I had lost 2 lbs so in effect reached my half stone. Then on Friday I had put a lb back which if it stays the same I will have only lost a lb. I was hoping for more with it only being my second week. I am also worried that it's repeating the trend of the last time I was using the plan. The first time I did it about 10 years ago I had good losses every week, there would be the odd 1 lb weeks but mostly 2 lbs and the plan really seemed to suit me. I managed to keep it off for quite a while but the weight started to creep back but I checked it with going on the plan again. The last 2 times though the plan doesn't seem to be working the same even though everything I do is the same, just not getting the same results. It gets so disheartening then. I stick to the plan religously and know it well, I am not an adventurous eater and tend to stick to Red days. I just hope I haven't put the other lb back on!!


Wants to be slim at 60
Well I am so relieved I have lost my target of 2 lbs so made my half a stone. The putting on and taking off of the 1 lb will remain a mystery. You know what I don't care at this moment in time :). Good luck to everyone who has a weigh in today, hope you have good news like me. Let's all keep going Summer is a coming Thank you for all your encouragement it keeps me believing reading messages to me and everyone elses:thankyou:


Wants to be slim at 60
Well I've changed my weigh in day to a Wednesday as I find if I ever have to have an 'off' day due to a special occasion it will be a weekend so it would give me chance to pull back if I have put on. Like last Saturday was my birthday so I had an 'off' day and put on a lb when I weighed myself on the Monday but had managed to lose 2 lbs on the Wednesday so made a total loss of 1 lb for my weigh in. I must admit I do wonder how accurate my scales are so I have bought some new WW ones, the only trouble is they may well be more accurate but appear to weigh 2 lbs heavier than my old ones which will upset my weight loss for my ticker etc so I haven't used them yet.
I suppose I could weigh myself on them and just keep deducting the 2 lbs off for my diary but it seems a little bit complicated :mad:
I am worried that 3 weeks in and the plan doesn't seem to be working too well for me but we'll see what next week brings.


Wants to be slim at 60
Well I've been at the caravan this weekend and have eaten out at lunchtime on Saturday and Sunday but have managed to stick to the plan. Saturday I had Baked Potato and Baked Beans and for tea Pasta n Sauce made with water. Today there was a carvery so I had Roast Turkey new potatoes as my HE B and carrotts. I really fancied the Roast Beef and I love Yorkshire Pudding that's why I decided to have the Turkey so that I wouldn't 'miss' the Yorkshire Pudding so much, you just can't Roast Beef without Yorkshire Pudding :cry:


Wants to be slim at 60
Weighed myself this morning and I am really disappointed and downhearted, I have stayed the same and it is only my 4th week. I have been good all week, never strayed once even when I went out with a meal with friends from work and they were all having lovely beefburgers, chips and trimmings - I had a baked potato with baked beans. When you are not losing you start to wonder why you are bothering. Sorry to moan but I am just so fed up!!
Hi there, I've been reading your diary and I am in my 5th week now, I actually put weight on in week 2 which was so disheartening. In total I have only lost 4lbs in 4 weeks.

I almost gave up but I know deep down it will come good eventually, i did SW years ago and lost 3 stone so I know it works. Somehow, second time round is not as easy....

Look forward to hearing how you go, keep smiling :D
Lou xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Just reading your diary Huni and Im sorry to hear that you are feeling down about your loss.
If however you loko at the whole picture and the fact that you have lost 8lbs in 4 weeks...that averages out to 2lbs a week and thats a good weight loss to have.
Do you write everything down that you are eating? I find that I stick to the plan religiously if I note down and plan my meals. I work full time, but still manage to plan what Im going to have the night before and prepare it for the next morning.
Have a look at the food diarys to give you some ideas.
I have been on and off SW since I can remember, but this time I am more focused. Contact me at any time if I can help you with anything.

Take care



Wants to be slim at 60
Thank you both for taking the time to post, it means a lot to know others are rooting for you. I don't write everything down as I don't really need to, I have been on and off it for so long now. Also I am not an adventurous eater at the best of times so tend to have roughly the same things. I always have 2 weetabix and a muller mandaring yoghurt for breakfast. Mid morning at work I have melon and grapes and for lunch fresh salmon. For tea I will have something like Bacon with fat cut off, 2 Morrisons Eat Smart Diet Pork sausages (free) egg and mushrooms. 1 HiFi bar at night my 2nd B option. Syns can be WW Cheese Puffs and Skinny Cow Choc Lolly or Mini Milk lolly. First time I did SW 10 years ago lost 3.5 stone and didn't find it hard at all. Did it a couple of years ago and it was harder, weight loss not as good, took longer and this time the way it's going it could be even harder. I don't mind so long as it comes off eventually, but I am just so doubtful it's going to work :sigh:
I have a leaving do tomorrow and I don't know whether to have a day off and see what happens.
Everyone on here is friendly and it's ace having someone to 'talk' to even if it's just through these diaries.

I've got more adventurous with my eating, I used to hate any 'green' veg but now I love it. I seem to get in a rut with the things I eat and eat the same things over and over so i'm making a conscious effort to try different things. I love stirfrys now, ooh last night had salmon steaks with a huge stir fry, did the salmon in honey and mustard dressing mmmmmm and only 3 syns or so. I could have eaten it twice ha ha.

Keep it going, at east you are losing weight even if it's not at the pace you want
Lou x


Wants to be slim at 60
Well I've just come back from lunch and I had Chicken Burger with Bacon and some chips. It was lovely!! I didn't have a pudding like the others. I was going to stay on my diet like I did last week when we went out but being as that didn't make any difference I thought what the heck :(

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