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ADVICE advice advice

Now i would really appreciate some feedback :D... ive done the cambridge gained the weight back managed to keep a stone off 2 stone to loose, ive started slimming world and lost 3.5 pounds first week sts seconed week and my scales are now showing a gain :(... ive been thinking about slimfast and well really would just like to know the average loss ? a week.... im going away in 4 weeeks and i am very concious of the 2 stone hefty i have to shift..... ive started riding my bike with OH and i walked my dog for an hour and half and well im looking for a saviour whats the average day involve what can gurentee a loss i dont want to return to the cambridge that is all :D Amy x
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Hi Amy. I believe the average loss is the same as SW and WW, roughly 2lb a week. Stop getting on your scales!!!!!! For a start lol. Maybe your portion control needs looking at with SW, that might account for not losing the second week. When are you due to weigh in?

Hugs hun, is difficult when you want to lose weight in a short space of time, but in all honesty there is no miracle and it is all hard work and determination. Am sure the exercise will elp as well though.

Personally I love SF and it works for me (5lb in 2 weeks), but I am very overweight

Charlie xx


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The average day is 2 shakes/smoothies/soups and 1 600cal evening meal + up to 3 100cal snacks. And I'm guessing you know the importance of water after being on CD.

2lb a weeks seems about average for Slim fasters, usually slightly more on your first week.

Almost every SF product is yummy, 2 thumbs up from me.

Lissy xx
Hey, charlie good advice lol i will not get on the scales, id be happy with a 2 pound loss a week or a loss, ive been out and bought the shakes, im not expecting 2 stone off in 4 weeks lol although it has been done but god i now know that vlcd is not for me because you end up getting into a roundabout pig out ss pig out ss, now im finally coming to terms with healthy food ....im going to excersise everyday till i go and then i may even diet wen away, how have you done so far charlie ?? Amy, Hello lissy :D x
I lost a stone on WW and then cheated and yo-yo'd for months before starting SF. I find with SF you can limit yourself so much better with the shakes/meal bars and then enjoy a nice sensible meal in the evening. Is easy to do when away on holiday too as you can just take your shakes etc with you. I am going to continue with it when I go away on 2nd Aug, although I will allow myself the odd ice-cream lol.

My lovely husband has written in big black ink on the calander my weight losses so far on each Monday. Bless him, he is really trying to help me. I am really hoping to lose 2 stone by Christmas. 5lb down and only23lb to go lol

Keep at it Amy, is great when you get into the swing of it.

Charlie xx
Thank you charlie, i too have a supporting hubby to be, next year we get married and have 5 stone to loose between us so we are really giving it a good go, it just feels so daunting i mean you laugh, i mean im carrying 2 stone but when you loose it and look at it in bags of sugar you can lift it yet we can carry it with us it well amazes me... im out on my bike walking the dog, i just need people i can well get advice off for meals at night im easily swayed lol :D x

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