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Advice for the PrawnchopSuey

:) Wednesday (p.s. every day's a green day!)

Breakfast - banana mid-morning

Snack - pear

Lunch - sweet and sour mugshot
salad (mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato, pepper)

Snack - banana
1 x Alpen light bar

Dinner - brown pasta with tomato sauce (chopped toms, onion, courgette, pepper, sweetcorn, herbs) and 42g Cathedral City Light (HexA)
strawberries and fat free fromage frais

Snack - 1 x Alpen light bar (plus one from earlier = HexB)

Might have a weetabix oaty bar later (3.5 syns) but I'm pretty full from dinner!:)
You get 2 B's on Green and you need to have both. The oaty bar can count as your other B, then you need to have some more syns.
Do I have to have the syns? I thought they were there just so I don't feel deprived?
To be honest, with the sugary cereal bars and dehydrated powder in the mugshot I feel like I'm eating more junk and processed food than I would if I wasn't trying to lose weight!! :)
You have to have a minimum of 5 syns a day.
You dont have to have mushots etc, i dont find them very filling at all!
Thank you Katie!
Your more than welcome, im pretty new as well and not losing but i know its because i am overeating ! woops.

i think your problem is that you are undereating! Not having syns actually has the oppostite effect and slows losses, they really make a difference to your body not thinking its starving!
Try using them in the day so your not left at night with lots to use (unless you like that of course!)
You could have a meringue nest with your strawberries (2.5 each) and/or mix some white chocolate options into the fromage frais for a creamy taste. I love this and have it often, it feel naughty but its not too bad!
Think I'll take 30g of nuts or raisins to work to much on at my desk - that'll add some syns :)
:) Thursday

Breakfast - banana and apple mid-morning

Snack - Fibre plus bar (wow, they're good HexB)

Lunch -left over pasta and tom sauce from last night

Dinner - rice with onion, pepper, peas, sweetcorn and asda chickpea dhal
mini milk (1.5 syns)

Might have a slice of cheese on toast later to use up 2nd HexB and HexA :)
Nope, had 2 x Alpen lights to make up my 2nd HexB and a dairylea triangle as a token gesture towards Thursday's HexA.

Also had a KitKat - 5.5 syns which brings Thursday's total to 7 syns :)

Been a bit of a pig really, 2 alpen lights AND a kitkat in a couple of hours. Evenings are my weak point though, since OH works nights and leaves at around 8.30, leaving me and the cupboards unsupervised :whistle:
:) Friday - Extra Easy (as a one-off...)

Breakfast - banana and apple mid-morning

Snack - Fibre plus bar (HexB)

Lunch - Egg fried rice and veg (using leftover rice and veg from last night)
pear, apple, banana

Snack - 2 x dairylea light triangles (HexA)
1 x Alpen light bar (3.5 syns)

Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognaise (extra lean mince with canned chopped toms, pepper, courgette)

1 can Stella (7 syns)
1 bottle Carlsberg (7.5 syns)

Total: 18 syns ooops
:) Saturday

Well, had a day out at York races today and whilst I know what I ate I can't even begin to syn it and it would terrify me to know the total. I felt quite awkward at the restaurant in the evening as it was a complete lack of control not knowing exactly how things are cooked and what it in different dishes.
Also, because we had a tapas-style meal we ordered lots of dishes and shared so that further removed my control from the situation since it wasn't like I could choose just one dish to have.

Anyhow, I had half a bottle of Champagne, a glass of sparkling white wine, two glasses of white wine and a can of Fosters so that takes me well over my syns without starting on the food. Oh well, it wasn't a binge, it was just a lovely day out so I'm not bothered, just will take it as a day off and a fresh start from tomorrow :)
:) Sunday

Breakfast - Fibre plus bar (HexB)
Quorn sausages, tomato and scrambled egg

Snacks -
Carrot sticks, cherry toms, cucumber sticks (leftovers from yesterday's picnic lunch) with scrapings of leftover humous (2.5 syns) and salsa (0.5 syns)
White bread roll (48g - about 6 syns) and very low fat marg (1 syn)
Grapes, cherries, apple and banana
Alpen light bar (half a HexB)

Dinner - mixed bean chilli and rice with grated cheese on top (HexA)

Snack - 1 x cherry drop (1 syn)

Total: 11 syns - Back on track

I think that it is a lot harder to stick to plan on the weekend as there is a lot more socialising and less routine than during the week.
Weigh in tomorrow and hope that Saturday hasn't sabotaged this week!! :)
:) Monday

Breakfast - banana and apple mid-morning

Lunch - Leftover mixed bean chilli and rice from last night
Weetabix oaty bar (HexB)

Snack - 20 cashew nuts (HexB)

Dinner - pasta and mixed bean chilli (that's the last of it now!) with grated cheese (HexA)

Snack - pasta n sauce with laughing cow triangle
(the late night snacking monster strikes again)
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And Monday weigh-in I lost the 2lb I gained last week so Saturday can't have been too bad :)
Aim - another 2lb this week :) :)
:) Tuesday

Breakfast - banana and apple mid-morning

Lunch - mushroom pasta n sauce
salad (mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato, pepper)

Snack - apple
Fibre plus bar (HexB)
2 x dairylea light triangles (0.5 HexA)
Alpen light bar (0.5 HexB)

Dinner - Quorn sausages, sweet potato mash (splash of semi-skimmed milk - another bit of HexA), gravy (2.5 syns)

I might well have a sneaky mini-milk later as well, unless the snacking monster attacks again and I pig out on something savoury (all on plan of course ;) )

Update - mini milk and two big rice cakes (6.5 syns) :)
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I will be a yummy mummy!

Firstly I love your kitty s/he's GORGEOUS!

Also I'm terrible at weekends too - just can't resist the wine and if I'm eating out I just can't convince myself to choose wisely off the menu because it's a 'treat'!! I do find if I'm good during the week then an off-day on the weekend doesn't tend to show...
Thanks Sarah!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who buckles under the occasional tempatation ;)
:) Wednesday

Breakfast - banana mid-morning

Lunch - cheesy pasta mugshot
salad (mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato and yellow pepper)

Snack- apple
Fibre plus bar (HexB)
1 x Extra Light Dairylea triangle

Dinner- jacket potato with baked beans and cheese (HexA)
mini milk (1.5 syns)

Snack - low fat super noodles
mini milk (1.5 syns)
kit kat (5.5 syns)

Been trying to plan for this weekend - I'm off to the Moto GP at Silverstone and will be camping so lots of BBQ'd quorn and corn on the cob I think...and mugshots / supernoodles / tinned ravioli (3 syns a tin?) in case it's rainy. And fruit for snacks. There'll be beer though, so I'm sure I will overdo it on the syns.
Why oh why did I choose a Monday weigh-in when I do all the damage on the weekend?! :)
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