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Advice from CDC please ....

On Wednesday I visited the Doctor to get the results of some blood tests that he had decided to run on me due to my reports of light-headedness, spinning head, almost blackouts etc.

He found that my fasting blood sugars came in at 2.7 (could be 2.4, you know what Doctors' writing is like :)), and he said that this gave him some cause for concern. He started throwing around things like "possible pre-diabetic" etc. :eek:

Anyway, he has effectively ordered me to stop CD, which is not the best news for me. He says that I have to eat a sensible amount of carbs in a day for a few weeks and then he will re-do the tests to see if I do actually have a problem or if it was just a glitch.

He has said that I need to eat veggies, pasta, fruit etc etc.

The advice I am after is whether there is a CD step that I can jump to (I was on 790, but was amout to move to 1000 as I am now only 1st 5 lbs above BMI 25ish) that will not totally ruin what I have been doing, or if the best thing for me to do is to just obey Doc's orders for a while and then come back to CD and recover the damage he has done to me (or caused me to do to myself).
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Hi Steve,

I'm not a CDC nor a medical professional but personally I would do exactly as ordered by the Doctor and stop altogether. If you continue to follow a CD plan and remain low-carb (even if on a higher plan) the problem may persist and may end up having a detrimental effect on your long term health!

What's important is that you are healthy - and if that means a few lbs gained over the next couple of weeks surely it's worth it in the long run!

Good luck with whatever you decide


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Steve,. over the next few days I would ease yourself up the plans, and then don't go overboard on carbs, but eat the right portion sizes... at the end of the day you can come back to the plan just eat healthily, don't do what I did and just come off it and eat whatever you like!! Sorry I'm not a CDC, but if you watch what you eat you may not put much on, and if it is only a few weeks I would listen to the doctor, especially where blood tests are involved..



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Hi Steve - I'm no CDC either but I'm with Dobbie. Your health is more important and your Doc's are normally right. Have you considered changing to another plan - maybe SW? At least you'll be losing and still eating healthly foods until you can hop back on CD. Good luck with whatever you decide. Vx

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Hi Steve.

I'm not a medical professional or a CDC, but just wanted to add something.

Have you thought about SW?? If you don't know what the plan involves, its basically having what they class a RED day and a GREEN day - red is protein meats, fruit, veg and limited carb intake and Green is potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit and veg and limit the protein (that's the easiest way to describe it!!).

If you stick to it 100%, you can still loose weight, as well as eating the things that your GP has told you to eat more of.
I hope this has given you "food for thought!!"


Mrs V

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Ha ha - great minds think alike Vicky!!!!


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SW is a great healthy plan and it does help u lose weight but i can understand any reluctance to steer from any diet that has been working really well for you so far. hopefully one of the CDCs will be along shortly. well done with how far u have come. xxxxxx

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I remember Roch struggling with the same problem, it must have been the end of last year or the begining of this year :confused:

I think she swapped to SW?
Thanks for the replies, and I will take some time to think. I have been doing what the Doc said since Wednesday, and I lept on the scales this morning (I don't normally do that at all), and it just freaked me out to see that in just a couple of days I had gained a couple of pounds. I know that is just the glycogen returning and the associated water retention ..... but when things like this happen you do not always think things through rationally :)

I am sure I can get through this, and am sure it is only a glitch. I have never had a problem before.

My ticker only shows my latest spell on CD, but I am a hardened LL'er/CD'er having started at 18st 5lbs in Jan 2006, so even if I do put on a few pounds I am going to be nowhere near what I was!
Doh! I am a total muppet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a friend who is a nutritionist. She is away on holidays at the moment, but I am sure she is back next week. I will arrange to talk to her and tell her what the Doc says and what I want, and see what she has to say ..... I think I know already because I have had her preaching at me so many times about "The only sure fire way to achieve long term weight loss and maintainability is ... blah, blah, blah, blah". YOu have all heard such stuff as well I am sure!

Anyway, looks like she will get her way now. I put money on her telling me to go for the GL diet, and to limit my "points" intake to achieve continued weight-loss ......

Not that she is predictable of course :D
Hi Steve,

This could be just a glitch but as the Doctor says you need to stop CD the way you are using it at the moment.

790 is still a VLCD so you would have been in ketosis.

I would suggest you move to 1500 cal programme this is based on low GI food still take 1 CD a day as nutritional supplement. By following this programme you will still lose weight, however, you will be getting more carbs, good carbs, and stabilising your sugars.

Don't freak out about the first few pounds gain as it is only water and glycogen.

Have you got the yellow Weightcare with Cambridge Booklet?

This programme will help teach you good eating habits for the future and I am sure your Nutritionist friend will support you on this programme.

Thanks Linda. I have all the books - I have been through the steps before, and was slowly working my way back up them again this time after having put on a couple of stone after being made redundant. I had just moved to 1000 prior to going to the Doc for my results.

I am convinced that it was just a glitch as I have never had a problem like this before.

I have calmed down now and am thinking straight again ....

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