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  1. pinkrose

    pinkrose Member

    I wonder if anyone can help me

    I started LL last week and am only on Day 5. i attended a drop in at the weekend and have paid my first week plus a deposit.

    Unfortunately I have had some bad news and need to travel abroad tomorrow for a funeral and return on Friday. Obviously the last thing on my mind at the minute is LL. But I have a meeting Tuesday night which I am unable to attend because i will be away.

    I have told my LLC what is happening and she has said that I can return the week after but I have to still pay for the week I miss!!

    Is this right, I would be paying for nothing as I won't be getting the packs or the counseling session.

    Any advice appreciated.:confused:
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  3. Coley

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    Sorry about the bad news...:patback:

    As for LL meeting.....when I did LL a few years back I missed a week....I didn't pay for it.

    I'd check with Head office....but I really don't think you should be paying for something you're not recieving!! I think thats daylight robbery!!!!

  4. skinnyminny

    skinnyminny Full Member

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    Hi let me know how you get on - I have just missed 2 weeks due to hols & I did not get the packs - lucky I had some spare as did my mum so I have managed to continue, but I will not be pleased about having to pay & as I don't need the packs I do not see why I should. It will be interesting to see what happens on Wednesday though when I go for my weigh in.
  5. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    I asked my LLC and she said not charged for missed weeks, especially if you do not take the packs and have a good reason.
  6. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    sorry to read you have had bad news....

    I think this is a case of counsellors operating differently, deposits, paying for missed weeks etc If you do end up paying for the missed week, be sure and get your 28 packs.

    Just out of interest how much was your deposit?

    Take care of yourself

  7. littleblue

    littleblue Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I didn't have to pay a deposit, but was told I would have to pay for any missed weeks, as they could have filled my place in the group. Could you pick up the packs on another day?You have paid for them after all!
  8. Lighter me

    Lighter me Member

    Lighter Life

    I rang my counseller as I have a holiday booked in September and will miss one of my groups - she said she will give me the packs to take with me before I go and will take a 2 week payment on that week.

    I told her i had called as a repose to what has been said on the is site. The reason counsellers take for missed weeks is when we sgin up we make a commitment to stay in group for the 100 days and if we are not going to stay or have packs left over that has a direct impact on their business as the space can not be filled as the groups are not groups anyone can join at any time.

    She was so understanding of my concerns I almost felt guilty for asking!:eek: Their is no problem taking the packs for the weeks missed and she even said they can be used at the end in management and if anyone has packs left they are not on the programme as they may not be getting all the vits etc they need each day

    I paid a deposit the first week i joined (only last week!) for the first and the last week and I am looking forward to week 14 being a Free week and i can go out with that money and by something that fits coz my clothes feel baggy already. I don't think of it a lost money because I am going to do this, I don't want to be this fat any more!!!

    Thanks for listening - this site is great for highlighting things I would never have thought about:)

    Lighter Me (already)
  9. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Sorry to hear that :(
    Is your LLC not giving you the packs to take away with you?
    If she makes you pay then make sure you get the packs!
  10. pinkrose

    pinkrose Member

    i have phoned head office and they said that this is correct and i have to pay.
    what happens is if i do management where i use packs for a few weeks i will get the packs back then!!
    they said that this is what i sign for comitting to 100 days, what i didn't tell them is that i haven't signed anything yet, none of the group have as we didn't get much done at our first meeting!
    still seems a bit unfair as i am already short with having to fly me hubby and dauhter out for funeral and hotel etc, could have done without this aswell!!
    think a bit of discretion could be used in a situation like this.

    i am unable to get to her to pick the packs up before i go away as i make a 40 mile trip. also due to the shock of what has happened i can't think of doing the diet till i get the next few days out of the way so don't want the packs!

    Thanks for all your replies
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