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advice needed

hi everyone, just got a few questions, i am currently on slimming world but the losses are getting really slow so been thinking of trying cambridge again to give me the boost i need. how do you all manage with going out with friends? i am only asking as i have a family meal coming up and my birthday. would you reccomend me to get on diet now or after xmas?
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How much weight do you have to lose?
Have you done CD before? How did you find it?
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There's no reason you can't do it alongside a normal life as you have the option to add an evening meal.
The main thing you need to be mindful of from a social perspective is that alcohol and ketosis is a very dangerous combination.
Good Luck xx
i would like to lose another 2 stone, i have done it before and did lose, i just need to lose it faster. i know you can add the evening meal but i have a family meal out the 19th nov


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If you are only out for a meal as a one off I think it would be OK to start now rather than after Christmas. I have had a few social occasions and I've just gone on them and eaten. And your CDC will give you guidance and advice re this. I certainly don't agree with avoiding family celebrations and get togethers just because you're on the Cambridge diet.
Agree with the above, I've been to weekends away, stayed with friends, party's, not avoided anything, made v sensible choices and hav lost steadily.

This diet gets me where I want to be and hasn't stopped me doing anything!

Start now, u'll hav lost the best part if not all of the 2 stone you want to lose by Xmas!


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i know everyone thinks im a freak, but just throwing it out there that it is possible to do this diet SS, go to big social occasions and just have your bar / tetra. I did a wedding in week five, a big family meal last week, and heaps of social stuff, and i didn't miss eating. (now booze was another story - i missed that heaps...)

anyway, just saying how it is over here in the weirdo corner...:D
Totally agree with spangles, sat in macdonalds and had a tetra while everyone ate their food, wasn't bothered at all!

In fact felt very virtuous wasting everyone eat that greasy processed crap :)


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I'm at the end of week one and I have managed to avoid two meals out. My friends got together for tea the other night and I just arrived later after they had finished eating and had a coffee which was fine. It avoided all of the questions and by that point everyone was fine about it.

I also managed to go and sit with my sister and Nan yesterday whilst they had a meal again I just had a coffee, once I explained firmly that I wanted to this for me and no one else (your friends and family tend to tell you they love you regardless) I was very proud of myself. I even sat and read the menu when they did and it didn't bother me as I was proud of myself for not avoiding going and spending quality time with them.

You could go to your family event and either have your meal replacement before you go or take a tetra with you. As Spangles quite rightly said to me the other day be firm about it. If you are firm than they will accept it. If you make it clear to them that you are happy doing it then that tends to do the trick. Trust me my nan bless her is adorable but wow she can go on and on and on and I just have to nip her in the bud every time she suggests I could "just have" something

good luck

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I know that this is NOT recommended but I am planning a 3 day break from CWP. I am going away on business and will not/cannot have my bar at a 5 course sit down meals with colleagues and some business strangers. I cannot face the questions and it is not possible to not attend the sit down meals, especially in the evenings.

I know that when I get back to CWP straight after I will have 4-5 days of hell in trying to get into ketosis but this is a price I am willing & expecting to pay. I have had breaks before and this is evident in my losses (see my signature). It is frowned upon & you will get stick from your CWPC. But this is MY journey and i'm choosing to take this route to loose my excess weight.

I guess that if I was in your position I will most certainly make a start on the CWP. I know it is not ideal if one is already trying a break but the way that I look at it is that you will almost certainly be lighter at the end of it than if you have to wait for 2 months to start the diet.

Good luck whatever you decide.
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i would definitely start now regardless of what you decide to do.

i have tried all possible approaches:
a) not eaten/drunk
b) had a carb-free meal and not drunk
c) had a small portion of carbs and a small drink (bottle of beer)
d) deliberately come out of ketosis beforehand and eaten/drunk 'normally'

in hindsight, i would say that for just one meal option d isn't worth it. i felt quite ill from the shock to the system for at least half a day. i would only deliberately come out of ketosis if it was for more than two days.

family probably won't notice anything unusual if you do option b or c. friends will probably notice the not drinking though. you can always play the 'not well/antibiotics' card.

option a is only for the strong-willed as you will have to explain yourself if you are at a sit-down meal. it can be done though!

i would vote for option b myself unless you think that eating anything is the start of a slippery slope into a vat of ice-cream!

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