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Advice on clothe shopping

Hey, just wanted to know how you guys went about this.

I am nearing my 1 stone loss- and some of my trousers are already feeling loose- I was a size 14/16 (veering towards 16 at the beginning of the diet). I am now I think nearing a comfortable 14. I am a student and don't have a lot of money- and I don't mind charity shop shopping.

I wanted to ask, when you shopped for new clothes in the diet- like at what point in your weight, and what size you bought the clothes?

I also needed to know what you did with your old clothes? I know I ought to get rid of some of my old ones, but I keep them just in case the weight piles up again or to give back to my mom- as I had to borrow her clothes to fit me at one point?

So what do you guys think?

Also- for any of your good quality favourite items- do you think having those clothes altered is worth it? If so, again at what point in your weight loss?

Thanks x
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Theres a clothes exchange sticky on here where people post if they need something and other people post when trhey have stuff they no longer need. Have a read.

I get rid of clothes when they are too big for me, and I replace with cheaper stuff - I've still got a long way to go, so don't want to spend loads of money on stuff. Peacocks, Primark, and Supermarkets are the best shouts - and Ebay - bought a dress for my friends wedding for less than £20 the other day including postage.

Once I get to target I will get myself a whole new wardrobe - but till then I will be making do!


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I kept some bits (that I couldn't bear to part with) in one of those vacuum storage bags, have got a big bag of stuff to e-bay, and took some stuff to Oxfam. I've also got some dresses that I'm going to take in at the sides, but want to wait til I reach target as I don't really want to do that now, and then again later on.
I took everything to a charity shop except for what fitted me (just) at the start of the diet. Everything was so tight so I was probably more like a 26 but I could never bring myself to buy anything in that size, I must have looked a fright!
I am now buying size 22's. I buy cheap and cheerful from Asda, Sainsbury's and M&S.

Sue x
Ive not long got my stone award too and i too am a 16, and i am so surprised that my jeans/ trousers are rather loose! I have to wear a belt with them all now!
Got to get some more trousers for work (work in pub so busy running around) and they were literally falling down yesterday so need an urgent primark/ asda trip!

Everything else can wait though, when i get my club 10, i will see what size im getting in to, and see if i'm happy.
Hi :D i have bought most of my stuff on the way down from charity shops , basics like jeans and tops , I have bought a few bits from shops like primark and supermarkets , but dont see the point spending a lot when they will hopefully be big again soon :D
I am now in a comfortable 14 ( started at a 26 !!) and have started buying a few size 12 items now , they keep me motivated and they are there ready for me when I need them :D

as for what to do with your old clothes .. I have kept one pair of trousers in my biggest size , and my husband had a big bonfire with the rest ...so I have no option of going back !!! he enjoyed it bless him ( and so did i to be honest !!!)
Oh forgot to mention that I had clothes ranging from size 12 up. I just found them too depressing to look at. So now with every stone that I loose I know that I will be able to reward myself with something new.

Sue x


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last time i made do using a belt untill my clothes were falling off and looking stupid lol but because I was hoping to loose more... I did keep my clothes then because i was planning on another baby

This time as they look stupid I will be exchanging/charity shopping all my clothes as i out grow them


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When i dropped down the sizes, and I had to buy clothes in the 12/14 range, I got rid of all my larger clothes - I offloaded all the good stuff to a friend who is around that size. I always gave her good stuff and if she didn't want it, then it was up to her get rid!! I even got rid of my coats and jackets - it was bloody hard to give some stuff away - but tbh they were huge on me (and too nice to keep stuck in a wardrobe - glad someone is getting use out of them).

And it really concentrates your mind - it was lovely buying new clothes - I really, really needed them - I couldn't get away with even wearing size 16 trousers (and I had clothes going up to size 22) - they were so big I was looking scruffy and unkept! And when you are wearing the same clothes I don't think you appreciate how your body is changing. It tricks your mind - so it's good to buy new clothes and really see the changes.

There was no way I was going to spend all that money on a new wardrobe and, after giving all my clothes away, having to go out and buy new clothes in a bigger size. I don't think so!!

That's my main motivation. If I feel my size 12 trousers getting a little tight, it's time to do something...

It's a great feeling - honestly, going into "normal" shops and not really worrying about sizes. I swore I'd never step foot in Evans's again. I detest that shop!!

I bought a pair of size 14 shorts the other day in Primark (£5) and am keeping them as my first goal. Only 2 more inches before they do up!!

I cleaned out my wardrobe last night and ended up with a huge bag for the charity shops, so they're going today.
I started as a 16-18 and am currently wearing a 14 (but they've got pretty loose too and I need a belt). I've bought some bargainous Next jeans from ebay and they should keep me going for a while. I've been putting £5 in a jar for every pound I lose and it's mounting up nicely. I'm going to blow the lot on a new wardrobe when I hit target!
Don't do what I did! lol I went from about a 18 to a 8-10 and bought clothes in every size as I got down to it! Wasted so much money on clothes I barely even wore, I have bags of the stuff I keep planning to put on eBay. Should of just got some belts and primark cheapies!


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As I have been up and down the sizes I will have more clothes to wear in a couple of weeks when I am down a dress size! I try and make do with what I have at each size and avoid buying lots in a size I don't like!

I dieted a couple of years ago and gave away all of my 'big' clothes. I never got to goal though (only really lost 1 clear size) and ended up gaining back all of it and having to buy the clothes again. It was a real pity because my old big clothes are nicer than the ones I have now!

I would wait until you are at least two dress sizes smaller before giving away the big clothes, especially the nicer ones.

I am hoping to get down to a size 10 but I plan to keep my size 12 and 14 clothes (the 16s and 18s are going though!).


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I bought clothes in every size I was an 18 and am now an 8, but I bought a few cheap bits- 2 casual trousers, 2 work trousers, 4 tops, a jumper and 2 decent new bras!

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