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advice on cycling please?

Afternoon all,

Ive got an urge to get my dads bike out of the shed and go for a ride.
Ive not been on a bike for over 15 years and i was just wondering how hard is it to get back into it?
I was also wondering (more for the larger people) does it hurt your arse like mad?
Ive got to have a go as its an ongoing urge.
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Hi, I hadn't been on a push bike in like 6 years, and when I did get back on it was very hard to adjust at first, like I kept feeling as though I was going to fall off, but after a bit you'll get used to it again just make sure the tyres are pumped up nice and solid!

If you have a really hard saddle yeah it'll hurt your bum a bit, it all depends on the saddle really, last time I went on a bike I was 18 stone and it wasn't so bad, but the tyres really did need to be pumped up hard otherwise it was so unstable... :p


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I hadnt been on a bike for years, not since i was a kid and last year i went on one for the 1st time around france. I borrowed my mums (which i have not given back and she has forgotten about). The seat really hurt so i brought a silicon cover to go over the top of the seat. Its was very soft. I was a bit wobbly at 1st but soon got the hang of it, its very tiring though if like me last year you have not done any exercise in a while. Good luck and let us know how you get on. I do recommend those seat covers though, got mine in halfords


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hi tammy when i rode my bike last year the seat did hurt my bum alot so i got a new seat from halford nice silicone one did the job and about £15 well worth it :D

where abouts in north wales are you were going on holiday there on saturday hope weather brightens up :rolleyes:
Im in Wrexham, loads of nice country parks around here for me to practice my cycling. Luckily my mum has a decent size drive for me to practice on before i hit the public places.
Thanks for the tips on the silicone seats, ill see how i get on before i buy one.
As for the tyres, cant you buy concrete tyres!!!!! ha ha ha


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Tammy, just make sure you get a p[roper female saddle for it or you'll have more than a sore bum, and a gel saddle will help.

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