Advice on goal please!


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Hello all,
have had some thoughts plaguing me! For me to reach healthy BMI I have about 7lbs to go. Im on 790 and so am thinking that once i get to 11stone, ill move up the stages.
However, 11 stone is JUST hitting healthy BMI. REally I would love to be mid of 'normal' actually 10.7stone. But i just cannot stomach the thought that i have a stone to go, as opposed to half a stone!!
I dont think I can cope with not having a life anymore! I have been really strict with myself so as to avoid temptation.

What to do?
Is it possible to stay on 1000cals from 11stone till i reach 10.7 stone and then move up? Will I lose the weight on this stage?
AllI know is that I do not want to be bigger than 11 stone, so I always thought I'd lose enough to get under it (giving me a little room to grow!! I suppose!! Bad attitude, eek!)

Anyone been through this? Advice? Also will be exercising as like the routine.
;) OMG SNAP...I had the same dilemma and the result of which i believe led me to become complacent about my real goal which led to comfort eating and weight gain!:cry:

The very top of my healthy BMI is 11st, mid healthy range is 10st 6lb i believe SO the first time i aimed for 10 stone something and lost the plot ended up at 12 st 5 in a matter of months... THIS time im setting my goal higher and aiming for 10st. This way I have some lee-way NOT to stuff my face but to NOT get hung up about fceeling fat. Its amazing the difference the stone from 12 to 11 makes so im hanging onto that and imagining the difference from 11 (where im at now) to 10! i just know i will feel like i habe done an amazing job when i get there....there is the worry of 'can i stay there' but im hoping that little anxiety will turn positive and keep me focussef....dont want to hide away anymore!!!!!!!!!! time to walk proud and be proud of what we have, are and will achieve...hopefully life long healthy eating (with treats too of course1!) and to maintain maintain maintain..i know thats gonna be the real test!!:jelous:

SO, after much ramblings what i would say is set your goal at what you think you would be the happiest and most content at and strive for what you feel you deserve. I have to say that since restarting 3 weeks ago at 11st 12lb I have been good 80% of time and i have not let a blip mean BINGE or eaten mean beaten. Im better at picking myself up now, dusting myself off and reminding myself of how far Ive kind hun!:)

Whatever you decide, be happy and do it for you! And keep posting here as you continue on your journey!

thanks for reply!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so difficult to work out!! Another thing worrying me is that every time I do exercise (790 plan) I end up losing less weight. Everytime! Will this happen on 1000 cals too?
You should continue to lose weight on 1,000 :)

As for the exercise bit. On the days I go to the gym, I usually stay the same or gain a pound or two (water retention), and the days I don't go, I it and a little bit more.

It might seem that going to the gym is making me gain weight, but I don't think so somehow. It's one step more weight and two back, if you get what I mean.
actually I think I do get what you mean...a week ago - 3 sessions in the gym, loss 1lb. Last week, no gym, loss 4lbs!
Thank for letting me know that there will be weight loss on 1000.
Ive actually read a bit of demon's diary and come up with a 7 day meal plan for 1000 calorie to get me started when I do get to that stage. Might be a bit boring to follow the same 7 days for a while, but it'll get me used to the food I put in!!
I think that I will aim for 11stone, and do 1000 for 3 weeks (or as long to get to ten and half)
feeling more positive now that Ive made the decision actually!!
Have you done your measurements?

Just wondering if even though you haven't lost much weight on gym weeks, whether you lost inches?
Also, did you do cardio or weights or both?

I am starting some new exercise regimes from tomorrow and am not expecting to lose as much weight but to lose more inches. And at the end of the day, although we like the scales to go down, it's the clothes sizes that are important!