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Advice on refeed please

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if I'm asking a question that's been asked and answered before - I've had a look through several of the threads on here, and I'm still a little confused.

I've been on TFR for 16 weeks now, and still have another 2 stone to lose, however as I'm due to come off of TFR shortly before my birthday and christmas, I'm quite aware that I need to plan my refeed / maintanance carefully.

I'll have hopefully lost just over 7 stone when I come off of TFR, so I understand that it'll be advisable to stay on refeed for at least a couple of weeks.

During refeed it states that you should replace breakfast with a lipotrim shake - is this the TFR shake (or flapjack etc), or is it the maintenance product? Do you use maintenance products before the other meals at all? When do you use maintenance products? Is there any benefit doing one thing over the other?

Would really appreciate any help anyone can offer!

Thanks so much x
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During refeed you can use either the TFR shakes or the maintainence shakes. It's entirely up to you.

The maintainence shakes are there to help you maintain your weight loss after you have finished tfr and refeed - just a kind of security blanket.

I know Jan carried a maintainence bar with her for a while everywhere untill she felt comfortable enough to be able to chose something sensible whilst out and about to eat.

But like i say - its down to you. If you are liking your tfr shakes stick with them for the first refeed week as the maint products are pretty sweet then if you like try a couple of the maint products see how you go.

Well done on your weight loss so far by the way :) And good idea to plan ahead - it always helps! :D xx
Thank you so much Summergurl - that's really helpful, and clears things up for me......Think I'll follow your advice and stick with my TFR shakes for the first week of refeed - as I like them all! (Well, not the chicken soup, but I don't think that makes me unusal ;o) ).

And thank you re the weight loss - really appreciate it. I've always admired how brilliantly you've done - your photo's are just incredible!

Thanks again x


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No problem chick. I'm always lurking about this place so am always around to help if i can! :giggle:

If you decide to plan your menus post em up and you'll get some feedback on them etc Although i'm sure with your planning ahead you're menus will be just fine! :) x
That's an excellent offer - thanks again - you're a star!!

Have just found out that our work Christmas Meal is on the Friday of the week I'm due to start re-feed......it's at a carvery, so at least I can choose what's put on my plate - but really could do without the temptation in the first week!! I guess as it's day 5 of the refeed I'll be allowed skinless turkey, two vegetables, a few boiled potatoes, and then a serving of fruit for desert? What do you think?

In all honesty, the thing I'm looking forward to most is a nice cuppa tea with milk......oh how I've missed the simple things!! :eek:)



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yep im sure that'd be fine to have but just think about how they have cooked it all etc and be sensible with what you chose :) I don't think gravy is allowed though in the first week of refeed. You could always start refeed the friday before so you will be on day 8 by the time its your xmas meal? x
Thanks - yes, I'll make sure I steer clear of gravy - I've never been a great gravy fan anyway!! I'll make sure I'll steer clear of sauces / condiments as well.....

Good idea about starting the refeed earlier......will have to see whether I've reached my target by then......They'll be wine on offer at the meal - how early in refeed are you allowed a glass?? I'd only be having one glass max......

Thanks for your help - I really do appreciate it x


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You should be ok on day 5 to have a glass of wine but if you can wait untill day 8 then great :) x
Fab - thanks.....So now I have a date for my first class of wine - 10th December 2010!!!! I haven't had any alcohol since the 23rd June.....and I have a lot of nice bottles in my wine cellar that keep winking at me ;o) x


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:giggle: I'm trying to give up the booze!!! It's such a downfall for me!
Bet you can't wait now! :D

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