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Advice please oh lovely ones! It's fair time!! :)

Hi all you amazing calorie counters! :)

Well as you know I've switched over to healthy eating for a while to try and ease myself off the binge episodes, HOWEVER, it's Hull Fair this week and I'm going on friday night...

Every year this means... chips, mushy peas, patty, burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, chicken and stuffing sandwiches, candy floss, brandy snap, fudge, cinder toffee, nougat, liquourice, doughnuts, sweets, sugar dummies, so on and so forth...

I hope you're all drooling by now ;) :p

If this was coming up for you what would you do??

My thought at the moment is to eat whatever the heck I like at the fair, but that's where it stays... at the fair! I'm not allowed to bring copious amounts of sweety goodies home with me like I usually would every year, this way it's just one night, once a year...

Does that sound reasonable?

I'm not going to deny myself the food and say it's off limits... because I think that's what made me binge in the first place...

Any help would be appreciated MASSIVELY as always! :)

Thankyou you lovely calorie counters!! :)
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sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Is it just one eve?
Hmm ok, well I don't know you, so obviously don't know what probs you might face. But. Maybe eat before you go? then at least the junk food smells might not be quite so tempting if your tummy's not rumbling away?!!
I agree with the ''off limits'' thing. I know how it feels to be feeling like you're not allowed something.
Would it work if you just allowed yourself one junk food treat? lol almost like I have to be with my shopping now. I know I can't afford to buy everything I want to like I used to, so I look round & consider my options & decide what I really really want to spend my cash on rather than impulse shopping. Would it work with food? like okaaaaaaay... hot dog OR chips? Think first eat 2nd. Which are you going to really enjoy most?
I find if I've decided to eat junk rather than just jumped on it as a ''solution'' I feel much more in control.
Hope you have a great night anyway:)
Morning sweetie I really would go and enjoy yourself, don't necessary stuff yourself silly.
But eat what you like!!!!
And on your return , no more back to healthy eating and exercise.
Lozzy you are truly an inspiration you have come so far with your weightloss.
Big huggies keep smiling and have fun. Xxx
go, have fun, eat chips, then get back on it... I ate what I wanted on holiday but I did ask for smaller portions, can't eat as many chips as I used to without feeling sick as a dog!!! Only gained 2lbs in two weeks!!!

Ooh try and wash it down with loads of water, the effect might not be quite so devistating then and again you might not need to eat quite as much junk... it might work.

Hi hun :) I agree with the others. Its only one night, which mean 1 meal out of 3285 meals that you have had in your 3 years weight loss journey!

Worry and stress will just make you feel worse and your more likely to eat more if you feel bad about it!

Go relax and have a lovely time you lucky thing!!

I reckon you should go and eat what you want too, but make sure you avoid binging. This is a really good chance for you to make choices about indulging in highly calorific foods, and allow yourself to set a reasonable end point. I don't think you should pre set this, or do it according to any formula, (calories or otherwise), just to listen to your body and heart, and listen if they say enough.
Have a great time, you deserve it!
tbh hun i have to agree, i'd say go and eat what you like; however! I'd say eat more of the savory foods like chips hotdogs etc, as they are more likely to fill you up! :) meaning you may be too full up to actually eat many of the sweet foods which are loaded with sugar etc! :) either way enjoy yourself! we only have one life might as well live it how you want and to the max :) xxx
Aww you guys! :eek: I KNEW I could count on you all to reply to me and give me such lovely advice and be so supportive! :) I appreciate it so much!!! :)

But you're right, this is not an opportunity to binge, I'm going to think it out carefully NOT obsessively, I'm going to enjoy every mouthful, drink LOTS of water and eat until I'm happy NOT stuffed!

Wish you lot were coming to the fair with me! :p lol And I've decided I'm going to write back with everything I've had! :)

Hope you're all doing well! Will write to you all soon!! :)
I've been, I've feel FULL to popping point and ate more than I intended!

But I had the best time EVER! :D Aw Hull fair's just the most amazing place, it's just one of those times when you're as happy as happy can be and there's nothing in the world that can bring you down! :p

Here's what I ate :rolleyes:

Beef and stuffing sandwich
Chicken wrap
Patty and mushy peas and a few chips
Strawberries and banana pancake
Lemon muffin
Couple of pieces of cinder toffee
Few pieces of brandy snap
Candy floss

:eek: I wish I could just sleep all day tomorrow so I don't think about food! :p

Anyways, thankyou again everyone for writing back to me with your brilliant advice, it was reeeeeeally appreciated!! :)


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