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advice please

Hi all,
went on a wee trip yesterday and stayed longer than expected so only had one shake with me and had that in the morning, didn't eat at all today or yesterday since then, then had a wee black out moment so had a half of babybel cheese, do u reckon this is ok in terms of ketosis?, my blurryness is easing but still in my left eye. any advice appreciated..
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Im not sure love but apparently cheese doesn't affect ketosis, now don't quote me on it, but i read that on someone elses blog!!! Hope u feel better soon x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It is most important that you get your nutrition. Missing one shake now and then is okay but going a full day and a half without your shakes is silly. If you can't find a pharmacist and get some then you must eat something. Stick with protein and hopefully it will not knock you out of ketosis. But, for heaven's sake, put your health first and do not go without proper nutrition!!! Take care of yourself.
Ano, it has slightly worried me, at how much im slacking with taking the shakes at all, i know its important to stay healthy.. im worried im more concerned with the weightloss.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sweetie, you must take this very seriously. The shakes contain the essential nutrients that your body needs for essential functioning. Without these nutrients you will stress essential organs causing ill health. Your body's salt/potassium levels will deplete causing kidney and liver problems.
Please take your health seriously. If you want to remain on TFR then you must take your shakes three times a day together with at least two litres of water.
Also remember, not taking your shakes will not improve your losses. In fact, it will do the opposite as your body will go into starvation mode where it will feel threatened and hold onto it's stores.
Please look after yourself


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Very wise words from Irishmolly!!!!! Here here. I second that. And if u look at irish molly's weight losses you can see that u dont need to skip shakes to loose great weight. I know that anyone can get caught short and miss one but if its going longer than that id have some chicken, cheese or egg because you dont want to get ill when its not neccesary. Good luck and hope you feel ok. X
I know i'm being stupid! need to wise up if i'm gonna do things properly. Maybe why i'm on my 3rd attempt. Thanks for advice thou.. i will follow it! x

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