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advice please

Hi everyone my name is paula and im completly fed up.Ive been doing LL and my foundation is finished next week.I have got the smallest weight loss which is 2 stone.I am struggling so much to get back on.Im moving to oz in about 5 weeks.I have been away twice on holiday and broke thew abstinence as we should of moved the 10th of july and the house fell through.I suffer with my confidence and feel scared about going to oz fat.The problem is the more i try to get back on the more i fail then i binge badly.Ive rang my LL counciller and im hopein shes gonna ring me back asap.My dilemma is do i keep trying or do i swap to ww.x
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Hi Paula
Well first off congratulations on losing 2 stone, that's a fantastic amount!
I've only joined ww myself last week (although have done it in the past) and I must say I think the diet is great. If you're struggling with LL and feel you need a change I would recommend ww, although obviously the decision is yours.
It's good because you can eat whatever you want within your points, which may be good for you if you're craving food and it may prevent the bingeing.
I think we can all relate to the lack of confidence through our weight, it's awful when you're feeling like that :hug99: I feel so much more enpowered knowing that I'm doing something about it but not depriving myself of anything.
How exciting about moving to oz, do you have family there?
Everyone on here is so lovely and supportive, it's certainly a great incentive boost as well has having a giggle :)
Have you heard from your councillor yet? Hope you've managed to reach a decision.
thanks nails and starlight.I went to ww tonight i do feel happier now ive made the decision.Im just gonna explain to the counciller about the money as well being tight.Im goona really try hard to get this weight off.I havnt got family in oz just me going hubby and 2 kids were so excitedxx


So pleased you've made the decision, you won't regret it! Everyone on here is lovely so if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask :).
Bet you are excited about going! What part of oz are you going to?
nearly done day 1 .It is nice to eat again.Were going 2 hours suth of perth to a place called bunbury.Im really excited .How are you uys doing on wwx:)


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Hiya well done on you decision to join our little ww clan. It is great being able to eat and lose weight, that is what I find great about it. As long as you are within your points then you can eat what you like.

I am soooooo jealous of your move to oz, it will be lovely, I bet you are really excited.

Best thing to do if you want an idea of how we are all getting on is to read the diary threads, just ignore the bickering though it is only friendly banter honest LOL.

Good luck and hope to catch you around!! xx
thanks for all your replies.everybody seems really nice.I dolove my food and i do like gin and tonics.I am only g oing to have a :)drink at weekends now.

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