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    Lighter Life
    Hi, I have found this site really useful in my LL journey - I have lost 5 stone - with another 3 to go ....

    BUT ... about three weeks ago (just before my holiday) I found out I was pregnant (first baby, a bit of a shock but have got over it now!) - so on holiday I allowed myself to eat normally and since I have been back, I have continued with a normal 'healthy' diet. Despite this, I have put on a stone in the past month - and I am terrified if I don't do something about it now, I will put all the weight back on ....

    I spoke to my LLC who was very supportive. Head office have said I can progress into management on two packs a day, which hopefully will stabilise my weight.

    My husband is not keen for me to do this - and states I need to drink at least a pint of milk a day and quotes the information given by the midwife when I was booked. I am not sure what the best course of action is as I don't want to undo the weight loss I have achieved.:confused:

    Any advice? anyone been in the same situation?

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  3. In search of me

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    What does your GP say? Personaly I woudnt do LL while pregnant. Your body is very busy growing a baby and I would just try & eat healthily while pregnant & if you need to loose weight after THEN go back on LL but thats just me!
  4. pokerstar

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    Cambridge diet

    I have to say i agree with insearchofme, i wouldn't do LL whilst pregnant. I'm sure if you stick to a really healthly diet your weight gain will stop and stabilise. Remember how much you lost in your first week? with the calculations of number of calories to burn fat etc only 3 lb of that will have been actual fat the rest was glycogen and the majority of what you think have put on is probably just this as well.

    Hope this helps and congratulations
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    Similar thing happened to me when I first started CD.

    I was told that ketosis can be harmful to your baby, so stopped CD immediately.

    There are lots of web sites that will give you info on what to eat for a healthy diet for both you & your baby.

    The development of your baby is not (in my opinion) something you can afford to take any risks with.

    Eat sensibly, lots of fruit & veg etc. Your midwife/DR will also be able to offer you healthy diet advice. I found loads on the internet though.

    Another place for great support & advice are the ivillage pregnancy boards. If you search for 'ivillage', it comes up (pm me if you have any probs).

    Good luck, try to enjoy your pregnancy - it'll pass so quickly. And most of all -

    to you & your DH
  6. Feetee

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    Lighter Life

    Thanks ton you all for your advice - after discussing with both my GP and husband, I have decided not to continue with LL, but I will be back as soon as I am able,

    Thanks for all the support guys and good luck to you all,
  7. DQ

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy, and wishing you all the best. :clap:
  8. Mini

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    Congratulations Feetee on your pregnancy:)

    You might like to talk to TTey68 who is also was doing Lighter Life and had lost five stone and found out she was pregnant.

    Here is the link to her thread.

    We also have a forum called Pregnancy without the pounds if you would like to keep a diary of your pregnancy and get support as you go along.

    here is the link for it.
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  9. Rossy Akinyi

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    Congratulations girl, now -go on and take care of that precious little one growing inside of you, 1st babies are so special and nothing, not even weight should come between you and enjoying your baby, do not diet sweetie during pregnancy, the risks involved? not worth it, just eat sensibly and have fun, it will soon pass and you can join us again, let us know when the baby comes, and best of luck hun

  10. TTey68

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    FeeTee, hi! Mini just emailed me about your post. Welcome to the same boat lol! I was actually doing Cambridge. Lost extremely successfully - and obviously become very fertile!

    I have been in your blind panic situation - trust me! And also trust me, as much as it is against the grain, come off the LL. You know it works. What we DONT know is how, if sticking on it, it could damage a growing baby. Is our vanity really worth it?! No-one is more screwe in the head weight wise than me, and several times my knee jerk reaction has been to want to get back on the CD. Think a healthy baby more important and I fully intened to be back on CD 3 months after the baby - REGARDLESS what I am advised.

    Eat healthy and eat what you feel like eating. i am finding it easier to 'graze' rather than have 3 big meals. I found the first 2 weeks off the CD the worst with ALL foods making me feel bloated and uncomfortable - sadly doesnt take the old body long to adjust again (LET THIS BE A LESSON TO THOSE NOT PREGNANT AND THINKING OF CHEATING!!)

    Am struggling with milk I have to say but force myself to have cereal in a morning, then I'll get rest of calcium via yogurts (LOW FAT!) and try and follow a healthy balanced diet of fish, vegetables, salads. The one thing I am REALLY struggling is water intake. Could do the 2L easy peasy on CD, am lucy to get 2 pints of ANY kind of fluid intake these days!

    Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS!! And at the age of 39 bet your pregnancy wasnt as much a shock as mine was lolol!!
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