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Advice Please


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Hi Ladies & Gents
I've got a work function tomorrow night and I have decided that I just can't face the questions & judgements of everyone at work wondering why I'm sat there not eating. So I've decided to go and eat as little as I can get away with and do least amount of damage to diet as possible. So I know that my best option is a bit of lean protein and some salad or veggies, but was wondering if there are any veggies in particular to avoid? How about salad dressing? Will be right back on it come Friday morning hopefully without knocking myself out of ketosis.
Thanks all.
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Getting there!!!
hey munch! try have brocolli or any green veg like cabbage and leeks, dont have carrots and sweetcorn/parsnips/turnips are all high carb veg! also if your gonna have salad have cherry tomatoes only,all tomatoes and onions are quite high carb too! im not too sure about salad dressing hun? try google it and see which is the lowest carb? you wont go out of ketosis im sure if you have just protein,green veg and salad leaves only! x


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Thanks for this. Wont have any dressing, hell I've eaten nothing for 4 and a half weeks, can manage some naked lettuce! Worried that eating anything will knock me off course tho and I will return to being some crazed eating machine!
I had the same issue. I started a new job on it. And had my first work meal. I went and had my 2 flapjacks for the evening at it, just munched away.

I had people asking but I was down nearly 3 stone in 5 weeks so I was happy to tell them I was on it and the were polite and saying keep up the good work etc.

If your losing well and you probably are, 4 weeks in, be proud of it and they will be supportive. Remember you are doing this for you, no one else.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.


Getting there!!!
Thanks for this. Wont have any dressing, hell I've eaten nothing for 4 and a half weeks, can manage some naked lettuce! Worried that eating anything will knock me off course tho and I will return to being some crazed eating machine!

haha, it will be the chewing bit that will take over id say, so if you do have some chicken and ''naked lettuce'' lol,have a shake when you get home to get right back into it hun! ;)


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Caz/Captjames I hear you and I know that if you were asking me I'd say exactly the same. I really appreciate your support and you're right, 100%. I have done everything else on this diet and stayed 100%, bbq's, resturants, take aways but the difference is that it's always been with people close to me. So many people are against this diet (inc some of my family) and I get sick of having to justify myself so against my better judgement I'm gonna eat! I know that's my weakness but I'm hoping if I get though tonight without doing too much damage and then get back onto 100% tomorrow I hope it will make me stronger and less afraid of going back to the demon food when off tfr.
Thanks guys.
I hear what your saying, if your going to eat, don't take any shakes today and try and only have the 400 calories.

That's the best damage limitation I can think of.

Good luck and enjoy.


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Just got back, drank nothing but water all night and had a slice of turkey breast & some salad. Didn't enjoy it a bit, but, feel fine now, not hungry at all and feeling positive that I can get back to "normal" tomorrow.
Thanks guys, pretty sure I'm still in ketosis, reckon I would be starving now if I wasn't.x

irish molly

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Well done on getting through your evening with eating so little. I'd think this will not impact on your losses. Hopefully it won't have given you a taste for more!!
Well done Munch getting back in and beige so controlled!!

I have an awkward week next Monday to Friday we are moving office and joining a with another company ... So to get us all together they are having free breakfast on Monday everyone must attend ... Themed team free lunches all week ... A quiz
Night Thursday with nibbles I would imagine ... And pizza lunch on friday!! eek!!

So I will be telling everyone what I am doing lol think I would look odd if I don't eat and say nothing!

So it's possible I'll be branded the office weirdo! Ah well I'll be a skinny weirdo and happy out! ;-)

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Thanks Caz,

Well done avoiding the fish and chips must have been so hard!!

They food can call all it likes lol but I am too happy losing to throw it away. yay

Yeah traveling and drinking water is not good .. I had to travel to Galway on Thursday for a meeting so 2.5 hours each way = 4 toilet stops! Eek ..

Have a good weekend .. Stay strong so worth it!

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