Advice please..


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I found that having the amount of water u need measured into an empty bottle then adding the powder wen u want ur shake works. you just close the bottle and shake like mad til you cant see any lumps any more :) as for putting the powder into the bottle, i got an envelope and cut one of the corners off to use it as a funnel. doesnt work just using the satchets for some reason..


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you can buy a shaker your chemist should stock them they are a fiver


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Hi,can you not take a shaker with you? when finished just put in a bag & wash up when you get home!!! CAz xx


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I have just made my ever shake! hot choc mm cant decide i made it with a hand blender n hot water is wasnt lumpy at all i added 2 sweetex but now i feel as sick as a dog is this normal????


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Shaker is a life saver, definitely the way to go, what could be easier that putting water in a shaker, adding the LT powder, shaking and drinking!!


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hiya thinner yes the best thing is to buy a shaker add water shake and drink simple
hope everything goes well for you
all the best
xx Sharron


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shakers are the job! i pop ice in mine leave it in the car so it doesnt melt then my shake its nice n cold!! couldnt imagine having a shake with out the shaker!


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If you can stomach the bars they really are convenient to take into work. I just throw one in my bag each day and sit there all morning looking forward to lunchtime. :)