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advice pplllllllllllllllllease

I so need your advice.I feel like a fraud cause you guys are doing so well.I have been on ss for 12 weeks and compared to everyone:cry: else ive only lost 2 stone.Im off then on and i have tried all week to get back and cant.Im moving to oz in 5 weeks,ive just tried to ring my counciller to ask whether i should just do ww till i leave.I get to t time then give up i am suffering with bad headaches while i keep trying.Please give me some advisexx
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Hi Paula,

Maybe at this time CDSS is not right for you, you have a major upheavel in your life with moving to oz, and I think this is the problem.

Have you thought about 790, you sound ideal for it, packs during the day and then a meal at night, and the amounts on 790 aren't stingy.

The headaches are usually caused by dehydration, how are you doing with the water??

You are no fraud, 2 stone in 12 weeks in a lot of weight.

CD is available in OZ, my sil lives there, depending on where you are. I would look at 790, the losses are good, and you wont be depriving yourself of what you need during this stressful time x


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aw hi Paula, I agree with Vicky, she gives some great advice.
I'd go for the 790 for now and you will still lose weight.

You have done marvelous, you really shouldnt put yourself down, 2 stone is fab in 12 weeks and to stick to any sort of cal control diet at the present time in your life (with moving to OZ) is such an achievment, you should be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.


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thanks honey im feeling really down at the minutex:)
I totally know what you mean (diet related), although I feel ok at the moment who knows what i'll be like next week etc... I have failed on many a diet and have felt sooooooo Pixxed off at myself which means more overindulging in food.

You can do this, not sure if LL do a 790 plan or similar, if not, why not just count your own cals, say 800-1000 per day, you will still lose weight, and then when you have settled in OZ maybe think about CD.

I hope you're feeling better soon sweetheart, my heart goes out to you, I know how bad you are feeling (diet wise). Hope you're not to stressed out over the move:)xxx
Thanks mate my head is so screwed up over what to do.I keep failing and each time i get more depressed.I wondered if it would be better for me to do ww till i go.Then start up again with cambridge in oz.Im so envious of u guys doing so well i cant seen to get there at the minutex


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Paula, 2 stone in 12 weeks is a great loss! I only hope I can achieve that when I get to 12 weeks. Moving is stressful enough let alone moving all the way to oz, your doing great my friend and maybe the 790 plan is better, I have to admit i have had blips here and there, but I have stopped feeling guilty about it, so it happens i slip up i just get back on track.

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