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Advice re different plans please?


has started again!!
I am (supposedly) doing SS on CD, as you know guys! However I am really struggling with it AT (no... dont worry its not a confession thread, I just know things are going downhill for me.)

Could someone advice on which plan I might cope a little better now; onw that includes some "real" food? I want to stay on CD but dont understand the complexities of SS+ or the next plan up the line; is it 810??

Could any of you advise me please, or maybe a CDC could help? I am floundering a bit......
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SS+, is SS with a 'green and white' meal.
Or, it's 4 shakes/soups and 200ml? of skimmed milk.

It's not that complex :)

You should have a Sole Source booklet which your CDC gave you, it's all in there :)


has started again!!
SS+, is SS with a 'green and white' meal.
Or, it's 4 shakes/soups and 200ml? of skimmed milk.

It's not that complex :)

You should have a Sole Source booklet which your CDC gave you, it's all in there :)
I'd forgotten about that!! DOH!! Will dig it out now!
Sarah, I moved up to 810 on tuesday and I am delighted with myself being able to have one meal, I have also had a plain fat free yoghurt instead of the milk because I cant abide skimmed milk.

I've been having the yoghurt for breakfast, first CD at breaktime, slices of chicken / turkey with cucumber, lettuce, spring onions and radishes with Kraft fat free salad dressing for my lunch and it has really put me in great form and the final 2 CDs later in the evening. I'm loving it, I was worried it would lead to binging but it hasnt at all, I am quite satisfied with my daily meal

The scales have slowed down, part of it I feel is the food, but I could also be due on too. I am not too worried about it I am enjoying the food. As I am preparing for hols in a few weeks I am moving up to 1000 plan on monday or tuesday and I am looking forward to finally getting some fruit :) The things CD makes us excited about LOL
Hi Sarah I know exactly how your feeling, Ive really struggled on my fist week SSing so last night I was going to start 810 plan but ended up doing SS+ which i found was really good. I had a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, for dinner I had 120g chicken and a tablespoon of lettuce and a tablespoon of cucumber, even though it doesnt sound a lot, it was actually enough then I started to get picky at about 9pm so had my last shake then I was fine.
Im sure ive read on here the weight loss is about the same as if you were doing SS.
Im feeling more positive today knowing I can have a meal again tonight. Im haing chicken salad again, bought some cottage cheese and some tuna for my dinners during the week.
Oh definitely worth a try rather than giving up hun, (((hugs)))

Best of luck with the new plan xx
I find doing 810 much easier than SS because when I know that I'm going to have dinner I am much less tempted to pick through the day. I still have good losses with 810 too.

Good luck!

Dee x


has started again!!
DEF not giving up , been at this for far too long!!! LOL!!! Just been on a detour, for a while!!

Will start SS+ on Mon I think. Off to buy new scales now, as old ones just toooooooo dodgy!!! I dont trust them!! (Oh & will buy some cott cheese and salad as my first meal!!! mmmmmmm)

Can I ask, is balsamic vinegar ok as a dressing?
I dont see balsamic vinegar on the SS+ list but it is on the 810. Just mentions fat free dressing


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good luck on SS+ Sarah, i am on it and not hungry at all. I use a small plate for my allowances and i think it has a pyschological effect on me as it looks full.

I am finding that my last shake ends up being 9pm ish instead of 7pm.

I havent been in the slightest bit hungry either.

You have done so well, i am sure you will be fine.

debs x:)

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