Advice REALLY needed on SS+ and allowances

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by chocolatecat, 28 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    I have been given the water flavouring, the mix-a-mousse + told that sugar free gum + some cke zero/diet coke is OK if desperate!

    I have decided to start on SS+ with the small eve meal as I really couldnt cope today!

    I have eaten:
    Butterscotch shake (not the best)
    Choc orange mousse (salty!)
    frozen banana tetra brik (yum :))
    2 tbsp steamed brocolli + 1 small steamed chicken breast (nicest brocolli I have ever eaten!)
    also... 1 litre of sparkling water with 1 tsp flavouring! + 1.5 litres of normal water (got another 750ml of normal water to drink)
    1 piece of sugar free extra gum
    100ml coke zero
    2 mugs black unsweetened coffee

    So... I shouldnt eat the mousse mix OR the flavouring until 3rd week?

    Also... I shouldnt do the gum + diet coke?

    I am now MEGA confused!!

    Is this OK for tomorrow?:
    forest fruit shake (frozen?)
    choc mint shake (frozen?)
    toffee + walnut shake (frozen?)
    200g quorn + 2 tbsp brocolli + cauliflower
    3 litres water

    Can I freeze the ordinary shakes????

    I'll not have mix-a-mousse OR the flavouring for water...

    I hope I havent ruined things today :(
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  3. bingbong

    bingbong Full Member

    sounds like you are really confused!!! I can't help you with some of your questions, I am sure that someone else can.
    my cdc said to me that if I was struggling with water intake then it was better to have the flavouring than not have enough water, even before the third week. She also said that one can of coke zero (not diet) was ok per day.
    I have never frozen my shakes (get too damn cold on this diet for that!), but I know that freezing it changes it and effects the vitamins and minerals in the shake, and that it isn't recommended to freeze them for that reason, unless you are on 4 shakes a day and then one frozen is ok.
    I have never used the mix-a-mousse and know nothing about it.

    Doesn't sound like you blew it today!!! Be kind to yourself, this diet is hard in the first few days. From what I know your plan for tomorrow sounds fine (without the freezing).
    I like to have some of my shakes hot, so maybe you could try that? Hot chocolate is yum, or the choc mint. And some people have banana and vanilla hot too.
    Good luck, I hope that I have helped and I am sure that someone who knows far more than me will be along soon!
    good luck,
  4. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    thanks bingbong, that's really helped... I didnt know freezing depleted the vitamins I thought it was just heating... maybe someone else can confirm this one too??
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Oh gosh, this is a bit of a muddle innit :D

    Okay, strictly speaking you aren't supposed to freeze your shakes as the effects haven't be 'researched'

    Mix a mousse and water flavourings are for week 3 onwards. You shouldn't have both of them in one day.

    Nah. You'll be fine ;)
  6. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Kirsty, i've sent you a reply hun, it's in our team thread :) But pretty much says what KD has just put though in not such an easy to understand way as KD has a much better way with words than I do! x
  7. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Thank you KD & Claire :) That's really eased my mind now!

    I'll be putting the tubs in the cupboard until week 3 :)

    Kirsty x
  8. sazzle1718

    sazzle1718 Member

    If you fancy the shakes frozen you could try putting them in a blender with ice cubes. That's what I do and they are really yummy like that. I then eat them off a spoon and pretend it's ice cream!! Whatever works.
  9. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    i never thought of that!! I will def do that with my next one yay!! thanks!!
  10. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    Okay... today I feel much better!

    So far I've had:
    1 x warm choc mint shake
    1 x frozen choc tetra brik
    1 x cold forest fruit shake
    225g low fat cottage cheese
    1 x tbsp mixed lettuce leaves (with half tsp fat free dressing)
    1 x tbsp chopped cucumber
    so far 2.25l water (will make up to 3 before bedtime)

    Do you guys think this is OK? Would something along these lines do good for the next few weeks?

    Thanks in advance for the advice :)
  11. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Hey Kirsty, pleased today's gone better for you, you're doing really really well hun and i'm sure you'll have a great WI for our team next week!

    As far as i'm aware you are only meant to cook/freeze a pack if you've already had three un-cooked/frozen as you need three normal ones (ice/hot water ok) to ensure you're getting your full compliment of nutrients. If you were doing the 4 + milk option on SS+ then this would be an ideal time to freeze/cook a pack as you've already had 3 normal ones.

    Hope this helps chick, catch u on the team thread xx

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