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Back On CD.......
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B/F is treating me to Florida for my Birthday in October, My dream destination.. :D

Nothing booked yet, Going on Sat to sort things out..

In my Travel Agents last week there was a cancellation for Florida for 2 weeks in Sept for £580pp, but I cant go as New Reg out then & we are so busy :mad:

So really hope we get the holiday we want.. :confused:

Have been told to go with Virgin especially as they are comfy for a 9hr trip..

Any Advice Guys??


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Have you sorted it hun? Where abouts are you going? I'm off in November and CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!
We went with Virgin and the flight was fine, no issues at all, actually landed early!

My advice would be to go to Disney and don't think you're too grown up for anything. October is the perfect time, it tends not to be busy. And buy tickets for Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party!
we flew with virgin,they were excellent,going again in november with them!
wasn't impressed with disney,thought it was overpriced and over rated,although mgm was the best one,but only because of the xmas displays!
much preferred,orlando,universal studios and islands of adventure are a must,just brilliant,seaworld,busch gardens are fabulous and our hotel provided free transport to most of the parks,or the i-ride trolleys that go up and down international drive all day are very cheap!
wet n wild is a great waterpark,although the new aquatica park looks brilliant,its next to seaworld.
we buy our tickets before we go from orlando-ticket deals,the 6 park flexi ticket plus gives you unlimited access to all 6 orlando parks!
all the parks have websites so have a look before you go,whatever you do you'll have a fabulous time and you'll want to go back again!
hi have you booked it yet hun?

Islands of Adventure if you love rides (its all rides) and its next to universal, you Can do both in 1 day if you wizz round universal but if you have never been before you can spread it out 1 day in each but buy the combination ticket its cheaper!

Seaworld has a new waterpark running alongside it (aquatica) where the slides go under the Whale tanks and fish tanks etc so give that ago!

October is probably best time of year as a) its quiet as just after school hols so no huge ques and b) the do Halloween Horror nights which is held in universal & islands of adventure and it is the best horrow haloween experience ever. think its abot $65 a ticket but its well worth it, they build loads of houses under a theme and you go in and well they are spectacular plus you walk round and people chase you with chainsaws and the rides are open (some of them) till midnight and they sell booze all over the park ( HORROR NIGHTS)

You can go to universal city walk on an evening for a boogie, got clubs & bars (check out the hurricains at pat obrians - ask to keep your glass they will let you lol ;))

Food wise, check out the cheesecake factory its spectacular and there are a few more ill remember the names off and let you know they are worth a visit for sure!


Back On CD.......
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Well we booked our Holiday today, decided to go with Holidaygenie.com they came out the cheapest, even the travel agents couldnt get anywhere close & told me to snap it up, lol..

I am travelling from Newcastle, its does a stop for 2hrs at gatwick then stops at chicago..
Staying on International Drive, CANT WAIT.... :D:D

I am gonna book my tickets for the parks soon, need 2 x Ultimate Disney 14day pass. 2 x Ultimate Discovery Cove with Seaworld and busch Gardens and 2 x Universal orlando 14day pass.

Think that will be the cheapest way around them..

Unless you have any ideas??


I did Disney 4 years ago now the first week in October and the weather was very hot :D.The parks were quite busy though and we did have to wait around for approx 25mins to get on some rides.
America is great at the moment for holidaying because of the £1 being so strong against the $ dollar.Just remember though prices that are shown in the shops get the added tax on before you purchase for example something for 99c would actually cost you over a $ dollar.It's weird at first but you soon get used to it.
I would not take lots of clothes you will be fine in shorts and t shirts for going around the parks.
We bought bottles of water,popped them in the fridge in our room overnight and then carried them to the parks in a rucksack type bag.
We absolutley loved Universal it was our favourite park and we walked there a couple of times because we did not have a hire car and it wasn't that far from where we were staying (International Drive).
Seaworld is fantastic as well:D
If I ever went again (I don't like flying)I would not buy any park tickets beforehand I would just pay to enter the parks on the days I decided to go.It can be a very hectic holiday and you feel like you want to get your monies worth if you have already paid for them in advance.We had a day at a park and then had a day off around the pool just to recover:D
There is a fantastic shopping Mall on International Drive called Festival Bay it's worth a visit.
If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask.
HI if you like shopping Mall at Millenia is the best mall has some amaaazing shops plus as OLS posted the cheesecake factory is here and they do some lovely food, international drive have some fab restaurants also Tony Romas, Bahama Breeze and Olive Gaden - sorry not sure if your SS whilst away or not - enjoy x
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Visit this site Welcome to theDIBB I guarantee they have all the information you will need.
We went to florida three years ago and if I hadn't found this site I don't think we would have got as much out of it.


Back On CD.......
S: 15st7lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.59%)
Visit this site Welcome to theDIBB I guarantee they have all the information you will need.
We went to florida three years ago and if I hadn't found this site I don't think we would have got as much out of it.
Icemousse told me to join that last yr before I went away, Best thing I ever done!! x


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When you go to the Parks - Disney/Universal etc use the Fast pass system for the rides - means that you get a time slot in which to go and you can walk past the bigger queues and "jump" in. Might save you a bit of time.

Can thoroughtly recommend both types of Park - Disney you just have to do Magic Kingdom. Was not so keen on EPcot and loved Animal Kingdom - just amazing with the animals there. Universal is fab for rides - can recommend Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Duelling Dragoons for the thrills.

Outside of the parks - lots and lots of shopping on International Drive.

If you can get to Kennedy Space Center - something that should not be missed in my opinion - 'scuse the pun but its " out of this world".

Not something to recommend on a weight loss site - but have a "proper" american breakfast - Pancakes with Maple syrup and cream on the same plate as your eggs and bacon etc - best place for this is Dennys :D

Have fun - am insanely jealous :D
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Hi glad you are going to Orlando its the best place ever,ive been 6 times(1998~2000~2004~2005~2006&2007). If you need to know anything no matter how big or small please just ask.
We are not going now till 2013 itll be my 40th when we go then. We are getting things done to the house.

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