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Ive read that you shouldnt but if you do make sure you dont have carbs otherwise you will come out of ketosis compleatly and will have to go through the whole process again which isnt very pleasent!! Plus ... no dessert lol.
Is it really worth it??
I'm currently on day 5 an feel soooo horrible my head is killing me and the taste in my mouth is vile!yet I'm in kestosis!

I was thinking of just having chicken


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If you can get through it you will feel better for it, i promise you.
I think i was around day 5 when i felt like you and was all for having something to eat but i went to bed and when i woke up in the morning i felt quite proud of myself for not eating!!

I will be totally honest with you, ive heard that you can have the odd slice of chicken (the wafer thin variety or ham) but its a downward spiral.

The taste in your mouth is horrible thats agreed but it will get better (well, you sort of get used to it :) ) lol.

Well done for getting so far, you have certainly got through the hardest part
Thanks Katie I'm gonna give it a real push fe two weeks even so I can get a stone off at least and after that maybe try attikns or weight watchers or something

As o am struggling I cab only take about two milkshakes a day :s

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Come on you can do this. If you get through this week you will be so proud of yourself. I know its tough right now bur hang in there.
Treat yourself to a nice bath, just do something for yourself. Keep sipping water and keep busy. You must have your three shakes a day or you're not getting all your vitamins and minerals. Take care.


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I agree with Irish Molly... you need to squeeze all 3 shakes in per day otherwise you will make yourself ill... thats probably why you feel rubbish.
Just use this as a kick start, thats why im doing. Get a stone or two off then switch to Atkins where you can eat protein (but still no carbs - or very minnimal)
You will get through this horrible stage and honestly u will feel better for it!!
Only 2 days until WI - keep that as a goal and you will be very proud of yourself for not giving in :)
The first week is hard but you'll feel so good and proud of yourself next week for sticking with it !!

Personally, I view it that I will have to start from square one again if I cheat and I am not prepared to undo all the hard work and effort. I know I will not feel better for it, worse in fact.
That is just my opinion and others may disagree but whatever you have to say to yourself & if it works for you - do it! The diet is called TFR for a reason :)

The coming weeks will become easier and it will become 2nd nature to you, once you start receiving the compliments you won't want to stop!

Is there any reason you can't have the shakes? Taste etc..? Try making the choc using less water into a mousse, eat with a teaspoon and you feel like you're eating a naughty dessert! Or have the vanilla warm, I think it tastes like custard hehe :)

Good luck hun

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