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  1. Sola

    Sola Full Member

    Hi everyone I was talking to another friend who wants to loose weight about Lipotrim, she was saying she has heard of the cambridge diet. I told her i dont know anything about it, but i would ask my fellow dieters about it. How much does it cost,
    do u need a GP consent, do u need to pick up your sachets every week, she works shifts, will she be able to pick up her sachets every 2 weeks and she says she would prefer to just pick up her sachets without the counsellings, is this possible. She wants the easy nature of lipotrim but the diversity of cambridge.
    i should advise her to join this forum. Can anyone help.
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  3. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Hi Sola ask her to log onto the CD diet on this forum, it will tell her all she needs to know
  4. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Yeah.. she needs a gp consent i think.. and it all depends on the cdc.. but im sure if she explained how she would only be able to pick them up every 2 weeks cos of shifts.. then it would be ok..and i think its up to the person and the cdc whether she gets counselling as such.. or just picks them up..
    Loadsa love.. but im sure a cdc on here will be along soon to tell you all about it..
    Cat x x x

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