Full Member weighing scales at home have broken down and i am due to do add a meal week soon... i'm a poor student so can't afford a new one...
can anyone tell me in table spoon or dessert spoon quantities how much quorn, chicken or cod i should be having thanks
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For chicken it is a 1/3 of an average chicken breast.



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hiya Baby

Have you tried Freecycle? if you look on the website and find your local forum you may find someone who is giving weighing scales away for free!

it's always worth a try and will make AAM week mucheasier next time.


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I am eating tofu and cottage cheese as am veggie.You are allowed 60g of tofu and the block (whch is BOGOF in Morrisons) is 240g so I just cut it in 4,the same with the cottage cheese.I work out how much from the contents size.

The veg my CDC said is 2 handfulls,so I just chop my veggies or salad and then pick 2 handfulls up and either stir fry or if salad put in the bowl

HTH a bit