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Advise needed please guys :(:(


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Hello everyone hows everyone doing today??

I have a dilema.. Ive done a month on CD now and i have lost 1 stone 5lbs which is obviously great. Im halfway to my goal of 9 stone 7lbs....:D

Im only 20 and currently live at home im a student but also work aswel but Im starting to stuggle money wise and the price of CD for me is killing me. I know its cheap for people who have to pay for food shopping but with me living at home with my mum I never have to pay for food shopping so all of a sudden £40 a week is a lot for me.... £160 a month :eek:

Im going to struggle this month without having CD to pay for never mind with that too... but my worry is if i do stop for a while (till june 18th next payday) If i start to eat again (was thinking of weight watchers???) that ill pile weight on and id rather struggle with cash than go back to my old weight. :cry:

Has anybody came off CD and gone onto Weightwatchers for example and still managed to carry on losing? I just need some advise really? :cry:
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Hey hon . .
I am sorry that you are in this dilema hon as you are doing so well.. I can understand though it must be expensive for you being a student. and if your mum usually pays for your food as well its not cheaper for you if that makes sense..

Is there anyway you could change to have 2 shakes in the day and then a meal in the evening. Im not sure what plan it would come under but it would be cheaper for you hon .

it would be a shame to stop it as your doing so well and 1/2 way there..

Others may come up with a better idea but hang in there hon and I hope whatever you decide to do works for you xx


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S: 10st13lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.61%)
Im gunna try my best to stay on CD Im going to try to do another 2 weeks and then may need to take 2 weeks off after that but Im determind not to put any weight on either way. Just anoying because im starting to feel alot slimmer and its getting closer each week to my goal so its a shame to stop and im scared ill put weight on even following SW or WW


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i think WW/SW is great is you have good portion control etc, but following CD i would be concerned, esp with the amount of carbs you can consume on them in comparison to CD.
Speak to your CD about stepping up the plans for a couple of weeks until the old finances sort themselves out again?
Hope you find a way round it, your doing so well hun xx


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Hey hun, I put on after coming suddenly off CD and going onto WW. I would suggest staying on if you can, and working up the steps. If you really can't afford it and it's just a short-term gap you need to fill before you get paid again, the one diet I would recommend is low carb. On low carb you are still in ketosis so will continue to lose weight at a comparitively fast rate, and won't feel hungry. It will also give you very strict rules as to what you can/can't have, so you won't feel like you have free reign - and it will be easier to get back onto CD from it as you won't have any hunger/carb withdrawal!

I speak from experience has I have done CD a few times, and going from CD-low carb-CD again has been by far the easiest thing to do. To the point where if I restart CD I now try and do a couple of days low carb first so I am prepared! I would say use Atkins as a guide, but that is very calorie dense and you eat a lot on it, and a lot of it is quite fatty foods... so instead I would recommend just checking the labels of products and eating no more than a total of 25g-30g carbs a day, avoiding high calorie/fatty foods like red meat and cheese if you can. Fill up on veg, chicken, salad etc. and also avoid anything with citric acid (that includes fruit but as that's high in carbs you wouldn't touch that anyway).

Basically an extended version of 810, but with more calories! A vitamin tablet may be a good idea too just to make sure you're getting enough goodness in for those 2 weeks.

It works :) xxxx


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im not sure if we're allowed to talk about other diets on this forum, but i reccomend researching the south beach diet, its low in bad carbs and fats, in phase one (the strict part which you do for 2 weeks) this is a typical day:

breakfast:eek:melette with mushrooms. vegetable juice like v8.
snack: small piece half fat cheese
lunch: chicken salad with low fat low sugar dressing - all veg included is low carb ie lettuce, cucumber, pepper asparagus - no sweetcorn or carrot etc
snack: few slices of turkey with low fat cream cheese
Dinner: roasted cod fillet and roasted low carb veg. side salad.
Desert: sugar free jelly.

the 'supercharged' book is good - this is the diet im going onto after CD. i lost a stone a few years ago but more slowly than on CD, i was a student too and had more time to prepare stuff before going off in the morning.

i think this would be a great diet to do on a break from CD, a lot of the recipes are quite similar to the CD 810 and 1000 - low GI. good luck whatever you choose!
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I agree with ehat all the others have said -
especailly with the points that WW and SW are fab in their own right but not really for alongside CD due to the carb content.
Also would maybe try 2 shakes and a meal like curly said or a low carb diet as a temporary measure till you get bit more money to get the rest of the weight off

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