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Advise please - haev to eat for operation

Good Morning all!

I am on day 6 of Sole source and going strong...Unfortunately I saw my Counsellor on Monday and explained I have a minor operation in my mouth next Thursday (15th) ...and she has told me I have to eat 3 days before the op and 2 days after, atleast twice a day :eek:(...

I'm really dissapointed, as I've been doing so well on SS, and can't help but worry, that if I eat, It'll be really hard to get back to "no eating".

I've decided I'm going to do SS up until Monday, and then effectively do the Atkins for those 5 days...basically stick to no carb/low carb foods and still have a CD porridge for Brekkie...

My question is, has anyone switched from CD to Atkins, and then back again?! I'm wondering how this affect my weight loss?? :eek:(

Any Advise/comments much appreciated!

Thanks :eek:)
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Hi Sealy,
Will you be having a Local or General Anaesthetic for your Operation?
If its a general then you can't eat, but even if its a local wouldnt this be just like going to the dentist for a filling???? as you wouldnt have to eat just for that?

It's a local Anaesthetic...She said that if I don't eat a few days before the Op, it may have adverse effects on my body...and make me dizzy and lightheaded, because of the drugs...will also be getting sedated...I was just going to do SS and maybe have chicken the night before, but she said that's not enough:eek:(

I don't want to play games with my health, and am too scared to not take her advise?

Has anyone else had a similar situation?

Thanks for your replies so far!
PS I'm not allowed to eat 4 hours before, drink 2 hours before...
Take this as completely my own opinion (before i get shot down in flames lol!) but if i were you, id just carry on with my SS. If i started to feel a bit unwell, then i have the option to have a meal and see if it made me feel a bit better. If you get a definitive answer then disregard me. Hope it goes well anyway x
Hi Sealy,:)
Ive been asking regarding your concerns. [I Work in a hospital]
When having a local with sedation then u usually starve 6hrs Prior and No fluids 4hrs prior. The reason for this is, if you are unable to tolerate the pain then they may procede to use a GA [General Anaesthetic - Putting you to sleep]

I personally only my opinion not a medical one, would carry on with SS, then starve as suggested prior to surgery. Afterwards if you feel ok then have your usually shake/soups.

Hope this hasnt confused you anymore?
you can contact the doctor/hospital for advice on it, they would be able to give you the best answer! or phone nhs direct, maybe they could help.
if it were me, i wouldn't want to come out of ss, so would try not to, but maybe your CDC just needs to make sure that you won't be putting your health at risk because of the diet?
good luck for it!
Thanks for all your advise guys, much appreciated...I think I'll stick with SS up until the evening before - and maybe have some chicken and Green veg (and hope to stay in Ketosis!)....then see how i feel after the op!? And go from there....

I've had the same op before, so know that Local will be enough for the pain etc...so fingers crossed all goes well!!

Thanks again to everyone that replied :eek:)
hi, i have read that you do need to eat before an op, but doing atkins would be fine as food is food lol

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