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After my 1st week on 810 ive lost.....

1lb, Im ok with this as a loss is a loss etc but do you think my loss is low because im no longer in ketosis and my stores are filling up??

Do you think I will possibly lose more next week when my body is used to having a little food??

I weigh all my food and have stook to the plan 100%

heres what/how ive been eating and drinking in a day.

At least 5pints of plain water.
3 large mugs of tea with my milk allowance.
2/3 large black coffees.
1 porridge made with 200ml water.
2 shakes/soups made with 400mls of water each.
sprinkle of spices on chicken
brussels, mushrooms, cauli, brocolli ( not all at the same time just whatever I buy).

I think thats it, can any1 see anything ive done wrong or anything i should change, any help and advice would be great.

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Well done for the loss as you move up the plan. That is an achievement in its self and you are still very much winning the battle. I cant really answer your question about the stores being filled up but I wouldna have imagined you would have came totally out of ketosis with what you have eaten - but I could be corrected there? I think when you move up to the 810 plan you can still stay slightly in? It may well be your body is getting used to eating again and hanging on to it, so it might show a bigger loss next week. Are you at target now and this is why your moving up the plan? (am still new to cambridge?!) Do you still want to lose a bit more?
ive still got 9lb to get to goal but you have to move up the plans when your bmi gets near the healthy range (bmi 25 +1st).

thankyou for your reply.x
Oh I see! 9 lbs is nothing, you'll have that gone in no time. My cdc told me on average when you ss you can lose 14 lbs per month and the plan your now doing the average loss is 12lbs per month so there is not much difference, am sure your body will start to smarten up again soon! How long do you stay on that for before you move to the next step?
i was hoping to stay on it for a month then move up again so i will be at goal for christmas.


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Well done for the loss so far. They always say that the last few pounds are the hardest to shift.


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hey there susan. i wouldn't worry about it too much. remember that in addition to your body weight from last week you are now carrying food around inside you, something that you weren't doing before. and as long as you are careful with the amount of veggies you are eating you should be staying in ketosis. although some people don't. i think you'll get a bigger difference in between this week and next week as this week's weigh in took the food inside you into account. does that make sense? just keep on glugging the water and you'll lose the rest before crimbo. you're doing fab :D

abz xx
Hi Susan,

Based on everything you have listed up there, you should well be in ketosis and you can always confirm it with ketostix ofcourse. However, I am pretty sure when your body settles into this change (intake of food), the weight loss will surely catch up. And if you have very little body fat left to lose, yes you might lose it slower than the rest but it shouldn't take you longer than a month or 40 days hopefully! :) Good luck and please stick to it. It's been my first week on 810 too but I lost a good 5 1/2 despite one rough day, but I think the main reason is coz I have a lot of body fat yet to get rid off and also, have not been SSing before 810.

Fairy XX
Thankyou for your replys, Ive tested this morning and im deffo not in ketosis but then even the cd bars used to put me out of ketosis if I had 1 everyday, so maybe im just sensitive.x


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Some chicken and turkey, if pre cooked have sugars in them,that has caught me out before, congrats on staying with the plan,its isnt easy.
You must just be sensitive, dont be worrying tho, you have done fantastic and you just look forward to losing those last few lbs slowly. Well donex

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