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After Weigh in.....


Overweight or undertall?!
ok i'll confess, after WI i pass a chippy on the way home so pick up my tea!

this wednesday night i might give the chippy a miss as i still have a freddo easter egg and creme egg that i haven't demolished yet :17729:


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I am looking forward to munching on my easter egg tomo night...but id love a chinese :)


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Alana said:
I'd love to know how many of you stick to PP religiously - i.e after WI or do you go for a take away etc after all your hard work?
My class is right near a chinese and an Indian and it's almost like another meeting takes place in there!
I must admit that this time I don't and I have the weeklies to thank/blame!! On the old plan I would have been the leader in the takeaway meeting lol!


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I think you have a very valid point.....becuase of the weeklies I don't feel deprived...i have had some of my easter eggs but have laid back a little bit as i want to loose weight....but a massive chinese would be lush
If I have a takeaway it is usually a chicken kebab so not too bad. Always within points though (Dailies). I agree about the weeklies, whereas before would have a week to pull it back, it doesn't matter so much anymore :)
Thankfully I'm usually at my most motivated right after the meeting so I get all psyched up for the new week and don't fall back on my fave vices of pizzas and take aways. If anything I'll just have one treat like a bar or something and then get right back to work. I sort of feel like you're undoing your hard work and putting yourself back on your next weeks weigh in. I take tuesday night as the blank slate rather than wednesday morning.


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i've started weigh-in on saturday, and, must admit, i did enjoy having saturday as a day off, didn't beat meself up and got back on plan on sunday:D
i have to admit i dont blow out at all,,yesterday was my first time since last Oct..I buy clothes now instead of 'treating' myself with food:D
I used to get a bag of chips on the way home from weigh in when I went to meetings, I never thought it was undoing my hard work or anything, but now that I weigh in at home on a friday morning, I dont really 'cheat', everything I have including treats are all counted, usually my weekends are quite heavy though.


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I don't as I figure who am I cheating by doing it? (polishes halo and slips it back on)

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