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aged to eat all my weekly syns in one day argI


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Oh dear ... don't even try to go syn free for the whole week. You're just setting yourself up for failure if you ask me. I would just draw a line under it and move on as normal. You may not lose this week but at least you will be back on track. Oh, and give some thought to why it happened and plan for what you will do to next time to stop it happening again.


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I think the general rule is don't! You are more likely to completely give in if you cut out syns altogether. Have 5 a day for the rest of the week, which would take you 5 over the maximum 105 for the week, so not a total disaster. Up your superspeed intake & drink lots of fluids.

Good luck x
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I wouldn't try to last til Thursday with no syns, as that is far more likely to stop you following SW. I'd just write it off as a bad day and continue with 5-15 syns per day. SW is meant to be a lifestyle plan, and bad days sometimes happen. Good luck for the rest of the week x


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We've all done it. Don't try to manage until Thursday with no syns its a recipe for disaster and further bad eating. Just take a deep breath draw a line under it and move on sweetie. xxx


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I would aim for 5 syns a day for the rest of the week

easily done remeber we are doing a plan with HEAPS of free food! its not like another diet plan where if you eat all your points your stuck with just veggies


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I agree with others, up your superfree and try and include some super speed in there each day too.

i went out for an indian last week, had the works, poppadoms, deep fried starters, curry, rice and nearly a whole peshwari naan, didn't even attempt to work out syns, I stuck to plan, upped superfree etc, but still had syns each day and lost !! -very unusal for me as static for past few months, but think the ss and sf helped.


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You're only human :) Try not to get too disheartened!
As people have said before, we've all done it. To give yourself your best shot, carry on with plan, don't cut out syns altogether.

Don't be tempted to get into the mind set that becasue you had one bad day, you know you will have a bad week altogether. That will make things worse.
Chin up and carry on :)
thanks for the advice and support everyone - ended up overeating again though not by much. Been tad down the past few days, no excuse but my mindset has went to pot - also my days off work always seem to play havoc. Back to drawing board to have that meeting with myself. Do not punish yourself, get the trainers on and get back on track!!


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I agree!! Just take it as a flexisyn day and move on- maybe try and keep syns lower than you would have done, say between 5 and 10 but certainly don't go without as you'll be miserable and resentful! You may still be pleasantly surprised on the scales!! All is certainly not lost, just draw a great big line under it!! We all have less than perfect days, as long as we have lots more good days than bad that's all that matters!X


Never gets tired of SW!
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Oops sorry I didn't see your most recent post! Don't beat yourself up, sorry you've been down in the dumps but sounds from the tone of that last post that you are already feeling more positive and determined!X

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