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Aggressive or Agrivated?

:mad:Does any body else get accused of being "miserable" or "Aggresive" or "always pissed off" when they do LT.

Oh my god it really winds me up.

People say im aggressive when i dont eat,

but am sick of people saying the following:

  • Are you not hungry?
  • You pay £48 not to eat?
  • Thats not healthy!
  • You will die!
  • Do you not get sick of water?
  • What WOULD you eat right now?

    Then i get angry! I dont wake up moody lol
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LOL I know what you mean, if my daughter offers me another mini egg I will screaaaaam!!

To be honest my family have been brilliant, my partner has not mentioned food to me once, and although I cook everyones tea, it hasn't bothered me. He even turns over the cookery programmes when they come on :)

I'm not spending alot of time around people at the moment as I am a full time carer for my partner, so that helps!

As for moods, my partner actually said I am much happier. So I reckon eating cr*p can account for alot of depression (I have been treated for it over the last year).

I do get tired easily though :(
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A couple of the people i've told (my boss being one) keeps coming out with "on, you'll never stick it"...WTF:confused: How does he know??? I've already lost 2st on WW and am doing just fine thankyouverymuch so BEAK OUT!

*and breathe*




I will be skinny again!!!
My mum was like that when i came home with my LT bag.

"why did you waste money on that?"
"just eat healthy and exercise instead of spending that much"
"you wont be able to do it"

And the latest one after she realised i will stick to it was, "well make sure you dont loose to much weight so that you fit in your bridesmaids dress, we cant be bother with alterations!!"

I was like i will lose how ever much i want to thank you!
its great when people notcie and what not but gosh its anoying when there all negative!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep tell me about it!!
It doesnt help that i work in a call center with snotty customers!! And im trying so hard to be as nice as pie to them but its hard lol!!
Maybe I'm just lucky, but my partner, friends and work colleagues have been nothing but supportive! Now that I'm a whole size smaller I've had nothing but compliments and if anything other people wish that they had the motivation/will power to do the same as I've had so much success in such a short time. Tell the 'non-believers' to shove it!
to be honest i dont think people would dare give me grief for it lol

however i know what you mean haha
I do find it hard when people say 1 wont hurt you, i think you find out who your true friends are when your on a diet like this, true friends will support you and egg you on to do well. Good luck everyone. xxx


Getting thinner everyday!
I don't tell people. If they ask what I'm drinking I just say a protein shake or slimfast. If they ask how many a day I have I just say it depends on how I'm feeling so am very vague about the whole thing.

I prefer it that way, no questions, no judgements, no adverse comments.

There are a couple of people at work that know (one of them is on it with me and on here) and the other is much trusted not to say anything to anyone else. My mum and sister are also on LT and my OH is totally supportive.

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I have found that I have been so much happier and positive about life since being on LT. I have a depressive personality and when my weight was bad i got very down about it all.

My husband has noticed my mood has changed cos i don't snap much at all :eek:


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Lol my mother is also one of the peole who oftern say "Ooo this is low fat so it wont hurt you"
Or the whole " Dear god eat something, your mood is just terrible".
Some days i get rather snappy and annoyed at the smallest thing


I will be skinny again!!!
I havent hit that stage yet.. Although i did hang up on my boyfriend earlier lol!!

My mum is starting to be a little more supportive!
I jokingly asked her for a bite of her caramel bar earlier and she said no way im doing well!!

I was shocked i was expecting her to hand it to me :D lol
I have heard the words "b*tch troll from hell" muttered around me on more than one occassion whilst ssing :eek: although I was assured they were said "with love" :p

Im quite grumpy today,ive bit my sons head off and just been generally moody all day, my daughter just said are you grumpy cos your hungry mum?? awwww bless her, i feel terrible now.xx


I will be skinny again!!!
awww things children say can be so cute but so upsetting!!

Hope your ok :D
dont know were people get the idea that its a rip off i spend more than 36 pounds a week on food

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