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ah sunday 24th re-start

Oh my word I could've wrote this exact post. Have been milling around the 11st 7-10lb mark since February this year but in the last month or 2 have totally fell off the wagon and think I may be sitting at around 12st 4lb. Today was my final blow out and tomoro is my new day!! I would love to get down to 11st 10lb by the end of the month. We could buddy up and keep each other motivated?

I'm going back to class on Wednesday still being paying my monthly pass so really need to get my money's worth!


Overweight or undertall?!
good luck to both of you, you'll soon be back on track! x
Hello berryred :wavey:

I too have made 24th July my re-start date! And the date I start on PP rather than discover points.

I will look forward to tracking you and Whiteybitey to see how you are both getting on and hopefully pick up some good hints and pointers that will keep me on track - never done PP before and a little nervous!! :sigh:

Good luck
Hey dizzydawnie!!

Well today is the day for me starting. Had pizza n wine last night as my last supper haha but I'm rearing to go today!! I track everything on my iPhone app so if you want any help or advice please just ask. Been doing propoints for a while now and love it so much more than the discover plan. Feel it fits better in my life as with 2 young boys and a fairly active social life discovery was just too strict for me!!

Hope you both have a good day!! :)
welcome along :D

Feel less bloated already! Can't believe how much I was eating now I am focused again!

Off to Zumba tonight for the first time, should be a laugh, I do run (well jog teehee) but need something a bit more fun, I have never put my trainers on and gone yeah running lol!

Hope your having a good day, just has a huge egg salad followed by activia fat free yogurt and am about to pop!! how is that when last 2 weeks I was eating sauage rolls, cakes, crisps......................
I'm restarting today!! Off to meeting in 50mins....aaaaagh!! Xx

Monday 25th July....the summer fitness as health regime starts!!!!
I've always fancied zumba but have no one to go with and always worried I'll feel like an idiot!!

I've had a really good day and like you can't believe how much rubbish I've been eating the last few weeks and how much better I feel today!!

Had a lovely salad for lunch too and I'm making bolognese at the moment for dinner yum yum!!

Snack wise I've had the new snack a jacks curls, lovely and only 2pts!! Plus also had a slim fast caramel bar, lovely and chewy when kept in the fridge and only 2pts as well!! Planning some jelly and custard for after dinner tonight, mmmmmmmm I'm like a big kid lol!!

Hope you get on ok at class tonight, let us know! :)
Lol Whiteybitey - that is me!! Get all self conscious but nobody to go with to make me feel better!!

I've had a good day too - worked so hard cleaning and ironing today but it is all done, had a lovely turkey stir fry for lunch, and am just now going to get some tea, with the promise of a Curly wurly later for supper!!

Have a good evening

LikeAsweetshop - hope your meeting goes OK!



Silver Member
I've always fancied zumba but have no one to go with and always worried I'll feel like an idiot!!

Don't worry about going to zumba alone hun - I go to 3 classes a week alone. Loads of the women who go to my classes go alone.
It was a bit daunting the first time but now 4 months down the line it don't phase me. :) xx

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