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I hate it!!

before i started cd i was always irregular! sometimes not having them for 3 months at a time, well since i started cd 4 weeks ago i have just started my second one and it is so so heavy i have had to change clothes!!!

my cravings are really bad too!!!
Oh dear hugs for you xxx

CD has actually sorted my periods out I used to have the most awful stomach cramps sometime they were so bad I thought about calling the doc out or going to A&E. And belive me im no drama queen!
Since I started last tue I had my totm starting sunday and I was pain free! How wonderful!
When I started ssing my periods went from a regular 4 week cycle with massive cravings and cramps to every 3 weeks with no symptoms not even mood swings. :eek:

Then I went back on the pill and the mood swings are back but I'm back to every 4 weeks and no other symptoms.